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They are very comfortable. I have 3 pairs myself and love the fit. Previously I wore John Lobb Romsey which only had 2 eyelets and they were comfortable too. It's the cut of the pattern which helps create the comfort so any amount of eyelets enableing the laces to pull them together will work really.
G&G Arran in Brown Cordovan. MH71 Last...Stunning!
They are not my size...They are your size
I know....I wished these were mine when I collected them from the factory.
One Day Google will do that too!
Please come in and take a look inside my store.
My latest G&G stock orders include UK 13E / US 13.5D.St James II in Mole Suede on the MH71Sinatra in Chestnut Hatch Grain on the TG73St James II in Vintage Rioja Calf on the TG73If you would like to reserve any please pm me or email me. Thanks, Nick.
I have every size from 5 to 13 (UK sizes) All E fitting (Medium)
They are becoming faster now. Estimating 4 to 5 months with many coming through at 3 to 4 months although we don't like to promise. 50% deposit on all MTO's and 50% payment on completion.
And for those who love suede...I have these arriving in stock and on-line in approximately 4 weeks time...St James II in Mole Suede on the MH71 Last:
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