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It's valid until the 16th August.
You can use the Discount Code Word "Bespoke" on anything over £500.00 for 20% discount in the checkout.http://www.bespoke-england.co.uk/collections/size-8-5
Your MTOs are finished tomorrow
A good clothes brush should take care of it and It's not an area that gets too dirty or scuffed. Just need to be careful with the polish when doing the calf as you do with calf and suede combinations.
Custom MTO shoes to go with suit by Charles Campbell http://www.charlescampbellbespoke.co.uk
Ready to Wear can have Toe-Tips inserted too. Sometimes I receive an email immediately after a web purchase asking me to arrange this. I take them back to G&G and leave them there for a couple of days before I ship them out.
Like this one?
Bespoke-England 2013 "Made to Order Shoes of the Month" June I have FOUR Styleforum MTO's this month will have the usual MTO sur charge removed saving £135.00 Non EU and £160.00 for EU June Shoe 4: Nice. Loafer in Polo Suede Style: Nice Material: Polo Suede with your choice of Tassels. Also available without Tassels. Size: YOUR SIZE Last Shape: KN14 Soft Square Slip-On or TG73 Classic Square Sole: Oak Bark Single Leather soles, Haf, Double Leather or Dainite...
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