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The prices show are excluding VAT because most people here are not in Europe. For anyone in Europe it is plus 20% TaxYes I have several G&G trees which I can sell separately. Nearly all of these are mahogany colour. Please pm me with the size and last so I can check my stock. Thanks, Nick.
HI can arrange these too. Let me know the details you would like.
Thought you would like that!
I can also help with the Hove's.
Group MTO for the new Johdpur boot "Tavistock". G&G have introduced their new Johdpur boot. Some of us have been waiting a while for this style and here it is.... The "Tavistock" It's beautifully designed and styled by Tony Gaziano and with its sweeping straps it is stunning. I have a couple of people interested in the sample specifications which I feel suit this well. So I'm creating a group MTO for the same boot for which I will deduct the MTO surcharge. Please see the...
I love this image. Great new camera!
Brilliant artwork again. That really helps. The Hove is stunning and would be a great versatile shoe. Having seen the Uppingham in many variants I tend to prefer these in one single colour. Nice ideas. Thank you!
Group MTO...watch this space tomorrow. First will be St James II in a suede on MH71. Any ideas? Maybe a Polo Suede with ivory contrasting stitching or linings??
These are already available on both MH71 and TG73 lasts here. G&G can fit Toe-Tips to any RTW shoes if required.http://www.bespoke-england.co.uk/products/st-james-ii-in-vintage-rioja-calf-tg73And here:http://www.bespoke-england.co.uk/products/st-james-ii-in-vintage-rioja-mh71
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