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There are also natural grain skins available. For example this MTO Arran is Mountain Ram which has a heavy grain texture. Because these animals fight in the wild the surface often has flaws such as scratches and scars. Grains which have been purpose made don't have the flaws which makes it more uniform to use and is often more suitable for the refined and sleeker design of G&G styles.
G&G Vintage Cedar Calf / Vintage Chestnut Calf The slightly darker one is Vintage Cedar Calf.
Bespoke-England: Las Vegas I will be in Las Vegas from 17th through 24th August. I will be exhibiting at the FN Platform section of the Vegas Magic show. Anyone in the area who would like to meet me or take a look at G&G shoes and leathers samples I will make time to see you. Even if it's just to casually say hello, or take a look at the shoes with intentions of ordering MTO's it would be a pleasure to meet you. I hope you can make it. Please email me so I know and I can...
It's valid until the 16th August.
You can use the Discount Code Word "Bespoke" on anything over £500.00 for 20% discount in the checkout.http://www.bespoke-england.co.uk/collections/size-8-5
Your MTOs are finished tomorrow
A good clothes brush should take care of it and It's not an area that gets too dirty or scuffed. Just need to be careful with the polish when doing the calf as you do with calf and suede combinations.
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