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Styleforum Group MTO for the "Oakham" I have 2 Oakham MTO's to offer. Both in Midnight Blue calf, one with suede and one with hatch grain. If anyone would prefer all midnight blue this can also be arranged. These two are listed below: 1)...In Midnight Blue Calf and Grey Suede 2)...In Midnight Blue Calf and Navy Hatch Grain Please see the details below and if you would like to order a pair for yourself or if you have any additions you would require or questions please...
Yes it's a killer shoe. We need 5 people to avoid the MTO fee. Although the Hove look great on the TG73 more people do prefer the smart round DG70 last for these. Which colour would be suitable?
The prices show are excluding VAT because most people here are not in Europe. For anyone in Europe it is plus 20% TaxYes I have several G&G trees which I can sell separately. Nearly all of these are mahogany colour. Please pm me with the size and last so I can check my stock. Thanks, Nick.
HI can arrange these too. Let me know the details you would like.
Thought you would like that!
I can also help with the Hove's.
Group MTO for the new Johdpur boot "Tavistock". G&G have introduced their new Johdpur boot. Some of us have been waiting a while for this style and here it is.... The "Tavistock" It's beautifully designed and styled by Tony Gaziano and with its sweeping straps it is stunning. I have a couple of people interested in the sample specifications which I feel suit this well. So I'm creating a group MTO for the same boot for which I will deduct the MTO surcharge. Please see the...
I love this image. Great new camera!
Brilliant artwork again. That really helps. The Hove is stunning and would be a great versatile shoe. Having seen the Uppingham in many variants I tend to prefer these in one single colour. Nice ideas. Thank you!
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