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Thanks. Now I need to learn photoshop so I can create some of the sample images like the ones you can do. It's like art and you are genius at it.
It's the lighting. Also the indoors image was taken by the client so he would have used a different camera which changes the colours. All my Tumblr images are done with my iPhone.
November GMTO from Nick @ Bespoke-England: This time we are doing a lovely classical black Wholecut shoe. It's a beautiful sleek simple design and it goes perfectly with the TG73 last. Details below: Style: Grant Colour: Black Calf Last: TG73 Classic Square Sole: Oak Bark Single Leather Trees: G&G Lasted Trees Group Price: £790.00 no VAT To order these in your size please email me here: nick@bespoke-england.co.uk and I will explain the order process. You can see...
Yes it can be arranged for you in any MTO
Yes there is the G&G Tavistock here as MTO. http://made-to-order.bespoke-england.co.uk/index.php?shoe=Tavistock
Please could I ask you to resend the email? I believed I' had replied to all of my inbox emails from Friday but I have obviously missed this.
Send me the details. I will start a group MTO.
Styleforum July Group MTO for "Chester" The Chester is the first GMTO this month. (Others to follow) Please see the details below and if you would like to order a pair for yourself or if you have any additions you would require or questions please mail me on here or to my email nick@bespoke-england.co.uk Style: Chester Material: Vintage Oak Calf Last: TG73 Classic Square Size and Width: Any size or width can be ordered Sole: Oak Bark Single Leather Soles G&G New Style...
Some recent Made to Order creations from G&G and Horween Shell Cordovan.
Here are the new trees in their shoes.
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