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"Oakham" in Vintage Oak Calf on the MH71 Last.
I have several of these and find the Havana much more versitile. The Dark London Tan is a new description to the usual "London Tan". Not sure if it is the same colour. Both of the cases you are looking at are stunning.
I have these on order in Black Deco Calf and a pair in Vintage Cherry Calf...Can't wait to wear them.
Luxury Horsehair polishing brush with horn backing.
Quote: Originally Posted by The King of Teeth Have to say that these look very nice. Might have to order me a pair or two but considering the cost, anyone know how the sizes work? Im usually a size 12 in the US? Would it be worth it to get a size without having trying them on? I have a european trip coming up in a few months and am thinking it might just be best to go in person. Whats the overall quality of G&G? Meaning, how do these compare to Lobb...
New version of G&G Kent:
Stingray from another angle...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lonneker Wow, some hideous shoes in that range! Style & Taste...Most people on here have it...Some just don't get it!
That's because of the flash light from the camera kit.
The Cooper in Stingray will look similar to this shoe..
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