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G&G Deco "Holden" in Vintage Oak Calf
All these are "E" fitting (Standard fit for G&G)
This is one of my favorite G&G shoes I have: Kent II in Vintage Cherry Calf on the TG73 - Sharp and elegant.
Kent and Wigmore
There shouldn't be a need for a claim back process. The on-line store would or should have an option in the admin side of the website which takes the VAT off of the price as soon as it knows the country address that the goods are being shipped to. All the seller needs is the address and proof of shipping to that country. There should be no need for the customer to do anything. It's good customer service practice to ensure that this is an automated part of the website.
In my online store the VAT is removed automatically when your address is entered in the checkout and you click to continue to the next page. I believe this would be most online retailers policy. Try going through the checkout of the shirt maker / retailer and see what happens. You should be able to go so far without commiting to make the payment. If the VAT isn't removed, email them and ask why.
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