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Quote: Originally Posted by kev777 Dont think ive ever seen that thin Dainite sole either A double Dainite sole is usual but can be requested as single Dainite. Personally I like it because it still keeps the shoes looking sleek.
Hi Jim, Yes it is Green Suede. G&G are offering more colours to their collection including suedes and some grain leathers. I will be updating the MTO page next week with more colours.
In Vintage Oak:
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm would like to see the top with shagreen instead of pebblegrain That would be an awsome pair of shoes. I have them ordered in Alligator. I may go for Stingray too now you've got me thinking.
Quote: Originally Posted by jamestct I'm pretty sure all G&G lasts are similar to the EG 888, differing only in toe shape. All G&G lasts therefore fit the same, unlike the various EG lasts. This is correct.
G&G Kent II. Classical & plain in design but at the same time, stunning shoes.
"Oakham" in Vintage Oak Calf on the MH71 Last.
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