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These are absolutely stunning. The patern on the heels is very subtle but a wonderful touch.
Yes both Globe-Trotter and yes could ruin my day! . I'll be wrapping the 30" in a heavy bubble wrap myself and then let the airport wrapper cover it in their cling wrap. The 21" Trolley case will stay with me as carry-on luggage so it will stay bare!
Nothing planned for New York yet but watch this space!Montreal, Canada next spring is almost organised.
If there is anyone in LA who would like to meet up and see some G&G bespoke and MTO shoes I will be there next week on Friday 31st & Saturday 1st September. Email me if you would like to meet. It's not an official Trunk Show but I can take orders if there's something you would like. Here's some of the collection I'm just about to pack.
For the same shoe MTO in Alligator the cost is £3,140 without VAT and £3,768 with VAT
The cost for these Made to Order is £1,300.00 without VAT and £1,560.00 with VAT. Lasted Trees cost £105.00 and £130.00
MTO Oakham. It's a great color combination with Vintage Cherry Calf and "Alligator 362" from my MTO Exotics. I think this is the first of many of these.
Thank you for your help before but No I can't upload images from my iPad or iPhone . If anyone could help that would be great because I can send images of G&G's on a more regular basis.
Gaziano & Girling Double Dainite SoleGaziano & Girling Single Dainite Sole
You are correct. The Dainite would last longer and the Topy soles would need replacing often and I know some people have experienced trouble removing them by local cobblers so choose your cobbler well. Also, G&G offer the Double Dainite sole, which is what is more commonly used and they have a Single Dainite sole which is finer and more suited to their sleek appearence. I'll post images tomorrow of both.
New Posts  All Forums: