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Deco price includes trees. All Deco's come with trees included.
Bowlly are slightly more because of the laser engraving in to the calf surface. Price is £1,200 non EU and £1,440 for EU. Prices for MTO's here: http://made-to-order.bespoke-england.co.uk/index.php?shoe=Bowlly
Still one of my favourites. Doesn't matter how many times I look at these I love them more and more: Bowlly in Vintage Cedar.
Really pleased how these turned out. One of my first MTO Malvern's.
Supplied direct from Horween. With G&G's attention to detail and finishing with polish they add a stunning depth to the appearance!
Another pair of G&G's in Cordovan. Canterbury on the MH71.
Not sure if anyone spotted these on my Tumblr. For those who didn't. Enjoy!
They do introduce more each year and so far, unlike other manufactures they have not discontinued any of their styles. Late last year they had the two double monks and the two faux lace models. There are also many variations on MTO including changing the brogue medallion patterns, having plain stitching on seams or adding punch details to seams. Here are the 2011 additions.
These are absolutely stunning. The patern on the heels is very subtle but a wonderful touch.
Yes both Globe-Trotter and yes could ruin my day! . I'll be wrapping the 30" in a heavy bubble wrap myself and then let the airport wrapper cover it in their cling wrap. The 21" Trolley case will stay with me as carry-on luggage so it will stay bare!
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