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TG73. All the Oakham's with the medallion on the last 2 pages are the same pair just in different lights.
In the G&G finishing room you will often find tins of polish intentionally left without the lids on to help dry the polish out to make it harder so it dries quicker when it's applied on to the leather.Sending tins of polish with MTO's can cause difficulties with customs. I once sent a tin in the shoe parcel to the US and customs requested documentation because of the chemicals. This was more hassle than it was worth and delayed the shoes arriving.
Cambridge in Midnight Blue Calf. Extra Wide "G" fitting
G&G have F fittin gas wide and I can arrange a G fitting if you are extra wide.I'll send a photo of a pair of G extra wide shoes just received.
Will be on-line in 2 days time. Email me your details and I'll get it ordered. The price is £1,100.00 for Non EU. Same price as most other Deco's. This is going to be very popular. And very comfortable!
Not certain here. All the sample shoes have had so much TLC with polish over the time that some of the colours are dificult to assess. The colour also looks different on each image. I believe it may be a very highly polished dark vintage Cedar looking at the tongue where it hasn't been polished. I will check and find out later.
Warwick. It's one of the new G&G images from their catalogue. Will be on my MTO page this week. There are 3 shots of each shoe. I'll show the other 2 Warwick images soon.
Finally I have Cordovan and Stingray on my MTO pages. Stingray in darker colours for now because Tony Gaziano tells me that these are usually easier to find than lighter or brighter colours and because of the clicking and closing with many styles being impossible with Stingray it is only offered for the wholecut models Sinatra and Cooper (Deco). Horween Shell Cordovan is offered in 5 colours held in stock by G&G and is available for all styles....
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