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Bespoke-England 2013 "Made to Order Shoes of the Month": January I will be introducing 2 MTO's this month which will have the usual MTO sur charge removed saving £125.00 Non EU and £150.00 for EU Shoe 1: Style: Arran Material: Brown Highland Grain Size: ANY SIZE Last Shape: TG73 Classic Square Sole: Oak Bark Single Leather soles or Double Leather Soles Price is £635.00 Non EU or £760.00 EU Trees if required...Lasted 3 - Piece Boot Trees or G&G Lasted Shoe...
I would like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone here at Styleforum! It's been a great year for me and Bespoke-England with hours of enjoyment reading and sharing your comments and only hope that more guys join in this thread. It's the Number 1 thread on here! I will be launching a monthly "Made to Order" limited edition shoe each month of 2013 without the extra MTO charge which will give you an opportunity to advise to what you would like. Hopefully...
And More.
When I first wear G&G's and these lighter creases appear I use a polish by Kiwi called "Renovating" polish. This has more dye in it which fills in the colour lost in the initial creasing of the leather. It's really important to get a perfect match with the colour though because the dye will stain those areas, which is what you want. Basically, those lighter areas will not be there. I'm not sure how accessible Kiwi renovating polish is worldwide but I'm sure other shoe...
Sorry for the delay. Hopefully have both of these over the next week. I'll keep you posted.
Some examples with suede including one with more detail than usually seen on the Wigmore.
Then again. It's difficult to beat this one...
The Wigmore all in Midnight blue would be my choice now I've seen these. Would be stunning. A good combination would be Midnight with dark brown pin grain tops.
You were correct. G&G didn't offer Brass buckles with Mayfair or Grosvenor when we met in London. However, Tony Gaziano has just told me that they will do soon so any MTO Grosvenor or Mayfair ordered from now can have a choice. Nickel or Antiqued Brass colour buckles. They don't have them yet but if a MTO is placed now they will be in stock within the time it takes to make them.
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