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There was a sur charge of £100.00 for this due to the time involved to create the color. It's not an option yet because this one was the first trial for such a deep color on the Vintage Cherry crust leather. Above is an image of Vintage cherry calf before its antiqued and polished. G&G had to remove the polish that was originally applied and then create the darker finish.
Vintage Cherry before antique and polish
The color wasn't a G&G standard option. The shoes left the G&G factory as Vintage Cherry , however, they were re finished to this color as a special request from the client through Bespoke-England to change the Vintage Cherry to a deeper, darker color. I renamed it "Dark Cherry". It did look very similar to Vintage Rioja but it had strong undertones of the cherry and when I held them next to a pair of vintage rioja shoes there was a definite difference. It's a truly...
Gaziano & Girling Canterbury Boots in Burgundy Shell Cordovan. Stunning!
Deco price includes trees. All Deco's come with trees included.
Bowlly are slightly more because of the laser engraving in to the calf surface. Price is £1,200 non EU and £1,440 for EU. Prices for MTO's here: http://made-to-order.bespoke-england.co.uk/index.php?shoe=Bowlly
Still one of my favourites. Doesn't matter how many times I look at these I love them more and more: Bowlly in Vintage Cedar.
Really pleased how these turned out. One of my first MTO Malvern's.
Supplied direct from Horween. With G&G's attention to detail and finishing with polish they add a stunning depth to the appearance!
Another pair of G&G's in Cordovan. Canterbury on the MH71.
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