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I believe you will be 5.5E with City II
Hi. It's Nick from Bespoke-England. Sorry to those who are still waiting for your shoes. We are currently shipping out approximately 100 pairs a day worldwide and another 500 to go. If you need yours as priority please email me between 8.00am and 5pm London Time...nick@bespoke-england.co.uk and if possible title it with your order number in the Subject area then we will try our hardest to get yours out and send tracking details. Thank you all for your patience.
I've not disappeared. We had such a good sale I'm still collecting shoes from JL. Some have been shipped and many are ready for shipping the next few days. Please be patient while we get orders together.Thank you all for your orders. Nick.
Perfect for bad weather. Enjoy!
Those suede Abbey's look superb. Lovely choice!
Yes it is. It's John Lobb's new colour for their rebranding.
One issue with loafers if they are too big is your heels can slip out if they are loose. However, with the Philip II loafer pattern it helps slightly because it comes high up your foot compared to most other loafers.
I found this on the net. Are these the colours?
I hear the C&J Cavendish is the choice of James Bond this year.
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