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Perfect for bad weather. Enjoy!
Those suede Abbey's look superb. Lovely choice!
Yes it is. It's John Lobb's new colour for their rebranding.
One issue with loafers if they are too big is your heels can slip out if they are loose. However, with the Philip II loafer pattern it helps slightly because it comes high up your foot compared to most other loafers.
I found this on the net. Are these the colours?
I hear the C&J Cavendish is the choice of James Bond this year.
I looked in to this combination with G&G a while ago and they were reluctant to do it because the strap which are one piece take the full length of an alligator skin and only leave offcuts unsuitable shapes for shoes. In fact the straps are curved like a boomerang shape so when wrapped around the boot they lay flush at the front where the boot is angled. However, they said they could compromise and put a joint in to the strap for alligator to keep the price more inviting....
The new rebuilt G&G website will be up and running soon with some nice Deco lasted stock shoes online. I will also help create some GMTO's on the Deco last. Any requests / ideas at this stage? Maybe even on the new Round Deco last?
You would definitely notice a difference and although a thick sock may work it can't guarantee a perfect fit. Sometimes it depends on the style / model. Which ones are you thinking of?
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