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G&G trees are still lasted. It's worth noting at this point that all G&G Lasts (except the Deco lasts) were originally based on the MH71 and only the toe-box was changed to form each shape. The trees used to have matching toe shapes to each one where now they have the same toe shape which is similar to MH71. This really doesn't matter because the shoes have stiffeners in the toes which keep that shape anyway. The rest of the tree is lasted for perfect fit which some...
Great. I will look and list what I have online tomorrow. Please see the following link in 24 hours John Lobb shoes from Bespoke-England: Luffield
G&G are definitely tighter fitting than JL. However, with most JL lasts I would not size differently except the JL 7000 I would go half size smaller than G&G.
We have some Luffield but only a few pairs left. I will take a look when I'm in my office tomorrow. What size are you?
I'm still looking Nikola. And for the Lopez & William II
For those of you who are interested I've launched a new John Lobb Tumblr. Any of your shoes you want me to include let me know. http://john-lobb.tumblr.com
Second of the April GMTO's from Nick @ Bespoke-England: Shoe 2: Hove: This shoe is a much loved G&G classic not often seen on the TG73 which gives it a sleek appearance. Often this design is requested on a round toe last or a softer square toe last (MH71) but I wanted to offer it on the TG73 because it looks incredible and I know some people like a classic pattern on a sleeker last. I personally wear it in Vintage Cherry Calf and I think this in Vintage Rioja looks...
April GMTO's from Nick @ Bespoke-England: Shoe 1: This time we are doing a classical black business shoe. St James II...One of G&G's leading designs. It's a beautiful new sharp design and it goes perfectly with the TG73 last. Details below: Style: St James II Colour: Black Calf Last: TG73 Classic Square Sole: Oak Bark Single Leather Size & Width: Any size / any width Trees: G&G Natural Finish Lasted Trees (Optional for £125.00 or £150.00 for Europe countries) Group...
Sorry if I missed some emails. Please could I ask you to resend those to me. I still have some available and today I have a stock update from G&G so will know exactly what's left Apologies that I didn't get back to you sooner. I didn't predict how busy this sale was going to be. Also G&G didn't want it to be such a big thing online so I'm trying to sell without using my website to advertise which creates a huge amout of extra work for me. Email me today and I will answer...
Only 1.5 more days before the London sale begins. Tomorrow afternoon we are setting up and I know we have a lot more shoes than the previous G&G sale so anyone who comes should find something. I personally have a lot of larger size shoes. Particularly Sizes 11 up to 12.5 UK. G&G have all other sizes fairly well covered.
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