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I'm still looking Nikola. And for the Lopez & William II
For those of you who are interested I've launched a new John Lobb Tumblr. Any of your shoes you want me to include let me know. http://john-lobb.tumblr.com
Second of the April GMTO's from Nick @ Bespoke-England: Shoe 2: Hove: This shoe is a much loved G&G classic not often seen on the TG73 which gives it a sleek appearance. Often this design is requested on a round toe last or a softer square toe last (MH71) but I wanted to offer it on the TG73 because it looks incredible and I know some people like a classic pattern on a sleeker last. I personally wear it in Vintage Cherry Calf and I think this in Vintage Rioja looks...
April GMTO's from Nick @ Bespoke-England: Shoe 1: This time we are doing a classical black business shoe. St James II...One of G&G's leading designs. It's a beautiful new sharp design and it goes perfectly with the TG73 last. Details below: Style: St James II Colour: Black Calf Last: TG73 Classic Square Sole: Oak Bark Single Leather Size & Width: Any size / any width Trees: G&G Natural Finish Lasted Trees (Optional for £125.00 or £150.00 for Europe countries) Group...
Sorry if I missed some emails. Please could I ask you to resend those to me. I still have some available and today I have a stock update from G&G so will know exactly what's left Apologies that I didn't get back to you sooner. I didn't predict how busy this sale was going to be. Also G&G didn't want it to be such a big thing online so I'm trying to sell without using my website to advertise which creates a huge amout of extra work for me. Email me today and I will answer...
Only 1.5 more days before the London sale begins. Tomorrow afternoon we are setting up and I know we have a lot more shoes than the previous G&G sale so anyone who comes should find something. I personally have a lot of larger size shoes. Particularly Sizes 11 up to 12.5 UK. G&G have all other sizes fairly well covered.
Please email me direct for prices. I'm selling my Bespoke-England stock. I'm very low in some sizes so apologise in advance if there's nothing for you. As quoted before, take a look at the "Size" tabs down the left side of the webpages to view what's in your size. These are all in the sale. I hope you find something. nick@bespoke-england.co.uk
I (Bespoke-England) have approximately 120 pairs left. G&G have the samples and others on the list which are mainly incorrect spec MTO's and a further 150+ pairs coming to the sale which are not on the list.
They have another 150+ pairs not on the list.
Thanks. Now I need to learn photoshop so I can create some of the sample images like the ones you can do. It's like art and you are genius at it.
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