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The back looks very snug. Considering where the front edge has been marked off in chalk and where it is pinned now, if that proposed front is going to overlap what will the back be like then?
I hope that's not your own bathroom!
You can stop taking mind-altering drugs for a start.
"Hopsack is very different from both flannel and cotton..." What is this supposed to mean? Hopsack is really a sort of burlap. but the weave using worsted yarns is used to refer to a sort of plain or basket-weave cloth. Flannel or worsted or hopsack is not something different from "cotton". You can have cotton flannel or plain-weave cotton or gabardine. You're confusing yarns with weaves.
It's a well-worn dispute. What Americans (and now most people) call a 'blazer' was traditionally called a 'reefer' jacket in England. Making these up in Saxony (another worsted cloth) or Serge or flannel was most common. A 'blazer' here in England was very often single-breasted and referred to club jackets (boating, tennis, cricket etc). They didn't have much suppression and were made up in hard cottons or the sort of cotton/wool flannel used for making cricket...
Yes...yes it is.
That's merely your opinion and beside the point. Blazers have been made in worsted cloths for many years, Serge is a twilled worsted cloth; it's common use was in making fine military uniforms.Worsted doesn't just refer to some thin super 100s cloth.
What would 'most' agree on then? Serge? Try finding that outside of a tailor's. Loads of blazers are made in worsted cloths.
You can do what you like since you've already bought it, but I think you should leave it alone. I see you're also pulling it from the rear, indicating that you want it to have some more waist suppression. The latter may be beneficial if you're planning to wear it over shirt/jumper. Don't get hung up on the length of the coat just because shorter coats are the fashion of the moment. Get it mildly suppressed if you really want to, but leave the length for now and wear it...
There still seems to be dozens upon dozens of people who are stupid enough to fritter away money on brand prestige; even when the revered names are openly rehashed operations run by venture capitalists trading on past prestige. They must laugh at all the clowns dropping half a month's salary on a bag made in an Asian 'workshop' and successfully marketed with an aura of tradition which helps the customer delude himself that it actually might have been stitched together by...
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