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Based on the politicians I've seen, no, I seriously doubt it. Haha! As far as I know, just a few of the more "prominent" ones did their shirts there. Regardless, CYC's still a good place to get your shirts done.
I can't get my 312 to fit under a buttoned cuff so I just leave the cuff button undone on that sleeve... Barrel cuffs only though. As for dressing it up, a black croc strap usually does wonders.
The Dunhill piece is sublime. How come nothing this nice ever comes in a 36R on B & S?
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle From personal experience - even if you stick the flap back on - the improvement would be minimal. Over time you'll forget about it though. They'll look like they've got a bit more character Yeah, I know what you mean. First coffee stain on a new couch, first fender bender on a new car etc etc... Just didn't think the first big scuff on my new shoes would come within the first 2 weeks of owning...
Haha.. Thanks for the help guys! To be honest, the superglue idea did cross my mind a bit (It works great on vinyl and other faux leathers!) but dissipated just as quick! Guess I'll take it down to some of the local places and see what they have to say about it. Nah, they're not bespoke Lobbs. RTW they are. But nice nice RTW. And I the Museum Blue. Which is why it's even more upsetting as it damage, though small, is rather noticeable. And you're right, it's not a...
Had a little accident while being slightly too vigorous in brushing a pair of my Lobbs the other day resulting in the wooden grip of the brush scraping the toe of the right shoe. Hard. As the wood wasn't really smooth or filed down, needless to say, it left some heartbreaking damage to the toe. As the pictures show, apart from the "impact bruises" causing some deep creasing, a small flap of leather has come loose where the brush grip literally tore the upper layer off....
you need a 7.5 mate.. ^_^
Hmm.. Quite a few of these going around recently no? Nonetheless, they're absolutely stunning... And Thank God too small for my feet! Heh... Good luck for the sale!
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive For my own knowledge and clarification, what separates this particular shoe from the $1400 wholecut (Allesandro?)? Demesures is the last if i'm not mistaken. Which is how Berluti differentiates their ranges - through their lasts; like Pierre, Demesure, Olga etc etc. And I think the one on sale IS an Allesandro... Or so I think...
Ah.. DeMesures...I love that range... Sublime mate... Good luck with your sale!
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