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Who is the most prestigious tailor in the U.K.? Is it Henry Poole, Anderson & Sheppard, Huntsman, Ede & Ravenscroft, or Gieves and Hawkes? Has anyone used their services? If so how would you rate them? Would you use the service again? How would you compare the workmanship to Italian tailors such as Brioni and Kiton? The reason why I'm asking is I'm seriously considering having a bespoke suit made but if forum members believe that MTM is just as good and not as pricey, I...
Hi just curious to see if forum members would even consider purchasing Louis Vuitton dress shoes. I noticed that a majority of them are blake construction. Does LV stand behind there products? In other words if something needs to be repaired will they repair it or will they just shrug their shoulders? Anybody with LV customer experience?
A friend of mine has sent me a picture of my old flame from a couple years back. She is not exactly what I had thought she would look like. I guess smoking and a stressful lifestyle ages a person more and smoking does no favors. 20yrs, I wonder how much her personality has changed. The same friend that sent me the picture stated that she is a bit bitter and opionated. I guess if she does contact me again I'll talk over the phone and decide from there whether it is worth...
If that Huntsman was in single breasted form, I would have purchased it in a minute.
I have Zegna MTM shirts and suits. They produce their own cloth. They try to produce everything inhouse. I'm very happy with their products and will continue to use them. The fit and finish is excellent.
Quote: Originally Posted by glenjay Brimstone, where did you get your MOP stays? I purchased them from
Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 always. i never wear ties. I have the werkin stiffs (laugh, go ahead) and I really like them. Ive been complimented on my collar stucture even with an open collar I agree the wurkin stiffs are excellent for wearing collars open. I also have silver and mother pearl and yes they are removed when ever I launder my shirts
Quote: Originally Posted by dibadiba stop smoking, start propecia Exactly. Propecial needs to be taken everyday at the same time. It will slow the hair loss problem and the fact that it blocks the male hormone that is responsible for hair loss, you may see some hair coming back but you have to be patient. You can also use Rogaine to help simulate hair growth. The only other suggestion is a hair transplant which can cost upwards of $50 000.00...
I was recently looking around for more shoe polish and noticed a tin of Kiwi Select premium paste. What is the difference between it and the regular Kiwi polish? Has anybody tried Meltonian or Chelsea leather food?
Just curious, will you be receiving any more of the PLRL suits in 40R - 42R?
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