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The thing is, on an average day, I usually carry : 13" MBP in a sleeve Ipad Phone Mophie/Battery Backup Leatherman Bunch of cables Chargers Med pouch Pens, pencil A5 Filofax Small camera Company Literature/Brochures for clients Business Card Case Wallet Key fob. With the Mulholland (like the Ghurka) it ends up becoming a dump & squeeze job, and that is a problem for me.
I did look at the Express, but again, it's just a large undivided space.
Guys, need help please : I am looking for a briefcase, but not a $1000 one, for work Am currently using a Mulholland Angler's Bag and am not happy with it. It's too small, not enough pockets/organization (for my use) and the canvas (waxed olive canvas/stout leather) feels very flimsy and light. I am looking for a bag similar to the Ghurka Examiner No. 5, but bigger. The Ghurka wouldn't suit my requirements.
^^^Absolutely Stunning!!^^^
Guys, could someone post a couple of pics of chestnut Chadwick 2's in use please?
I agree! (...or..EG's W...)
Has Leffot's website shut down?
I know this is an old thread, but would like to add my 2 cents! Bought a pair on ebay (ubiquitous brown chiseled spilt toe penny loafer) about a year and a few months ago. They were a nightmare during the first few wears, my left little toe all but fell off and the vamp actually made sharp marks on the top of my foot! However, after a few wears they were SO comfortable and have become my beater-go-to shoe! They take cream polish very well and have developed a lovely...
Lol! Would you believe if I told you, I was just thinking how I wish these were an E width as I was wearing thicker socks today!
Santoni FAM's for Budapester Schuhe
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