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For $900, I will, as a BONUS, add either the Crockett & Jones Como driving loafers or the Grenson Smith Chukka Boots in to the deal!! Beat that!! http://www.styleforum.net/t/364048/crockett-jones-como-driving-loafers-dark-brown-10-5-uk-bnib http://www.styleforum.net/t/314056/wtt-for-good-jacket-grenson-smith-chukka-boots-dark-oak-suede-11uk
Up for sale are a pair of quite rare Crockett & Jones Como's. Part of their Driving Shoes range. Bracken ( sort of a mid-dark brown) Calf leather. Cleated Rubber Sole. Size is 10.5 UK. Should fit upto an 11.5 US. You don't see these around anywhere and can be got (I believe) directly from C&J. Boxed and bagged. Brand New, Never worn. $290, shipped worldwide.
Missing your Galways?
Will also trade for a pair of : 1) C&J Bury 2) C&J Chadwick 2 3) C&J Seymour 2
I think you'll be fine! I've never really noticed much difference between an EG D and the E.
YOU of all people should know me better than that!!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha.I'm quite...persistent!I need boots! Or money....
Crockett Como's anyone? BNIB Bracken Calf Driving shoes. 10.5 UK
Apologies, gents. 11.5/12 Dark Oak Antique Box Bags Polishing Mat EG leaflet Oh and did I mention Brand New. Not my pictures, poached from the seller. Haven't taken them out of the box since they arrived.
Indeed, sir. BNIB.
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