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Even though they are on the 348, they are MUCH "heavier" looking than my Tetburys, that look...elegant...in comparison! The soles are thicker!
10.5E UK Ben Silver marks them as 11D US.
^^Shell? Beautiful! Damn! Why can I never get anything in that color!!!??
LOL! .....Hope not!
X-Post from the C&J thread.. Northcotes today!
New Nortcotes today! Phone cam pic makes them look a lot "redder" than they actually are!
^^ Mine are in the air too! Hopefully a Saturday Delivery!"
My Dovers looked N-O-T-H-I-N-G like those, that's why I flipped them!
Thanks jhcam8..however, not even a shadow on your magnificent Wigmores!
^^ Very nice, but WAY over my budget!
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