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I just bought a pair of new-ish Rothschild's in Dark Oak and very pretty, they are indeed! BUT, they've been, I knew this when I purchased them. However, I did not realize as to HOW they had been topy-ed.. I yanked off the heel topy and it looks like shit!..I think even the front has been filed down to make the damn things sit flush..I absolutely abhor them... How can I get the front ones off, without destroying aforementioned luverly shoes? Can I...
I go through that at least once every month or so..eye wateringly painful, for the last 2-3 years.Zyloric helps me a lot.
I wish you had posted this a day earlier, Charlie..just bought a wallet last night! It's gorgeous!!
SOLD!! Thank you KH and SF!
Totally! I think Filson needs to outsource their Straps and Handles to Charlie! LOL. Hey, there's a thought...Filsox X Equus....! The Pictures :
I've got to start finding new homes for some of my pre-loved possessions. Now, either I can (gladly) take your money, or show me : Dark Brown : Brogues Oxfords Monk Straps EG : 888/890/82 - 11/11.5 D/E JL : 7000/8000 - 11E C&J : 348/58 - 10.5E Vass : U - 45 (44.5?) ONLY ONE pair of the above, for ALL the below! I mean..come on!! 1) Ghurka VINTAGE (!) Tan/Chestnutty No. 17. MH/Made in the US of A, Leather inside, no cloth! The bag is in overall good shape, BUT it DOES...
+100. I face exactly this problem with my navy 240. The strap on one side is thick and firm..the other one is really thin, "furry" and full of creases. It also curls up on itself. Looks awful and that's why I don't carry it any more. The mounting loop for the strap on one side is so thin, it has stretched, whereas the other is normal. I wrote to Filson and asked them as to what I should do..I got a "don't worry, this is normal and if you are unsatisfied, send it back",...
Let's sweeten the deal a bit, shall we...VINTAGE Ghurka No. 17. in Chestnut/Tan (quite a similar color too!). MH Stamp and Made where it's supposed to be..Needs some work though.
What are the chances! The gremlin that plagues my bank balance strikes again!
Guys will be selling my barely worn (twice/3 times at most) G&G for RLPL monk strap boots that I bought from a forum guru. Size is 10.5/11D and they just are too snug for me.. Will gladly exchange them for a nice used dark brown brogue/captoe with them holes. EG 82/888 11/11.5 UK G&G MH/TG 11/11.5 UK C&J 348/58 10.5 UK This be they :
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