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Hi lads..I know i'm probably going to get a bit of grief here, but how does one keep stains/rubs away from the tan bags? I just don't like them looking gnarly. My 257, 222 and 240 are picking up some horrible stains, especially on the bottom, with the 257 and 240 having their backs becoming all shiny and shit..! I've tried brushing with a stiff bristled brush, "shampooing" the offending area, but it just seems to become worse.. Patina, to me, looks awesome on leather, just...
A size larger and I would be wearing them!
Some more Alfred Dunhill goodies! Ever hear of the term "Weapon's Grade?" Well, here's one for you..a Pen! I mean this thing simply decimates anything else out there..I own a few MB's, ST Dupont's, Montegrappa's, Y-O-L's, etc...I mean nothing even comes close. My MB 161 feels like a Bic Biro in comparison! It must weigh 3-400g (that's almost coming up to half a KG!) and maybe I am being conservative but you throw this at someone and it's going to...hurt..A LOT!!...
Hi Lads Up for your discerning consideration are 2 BRAND NEW, with the little plastic/tape protective bits on the metalware, Alfred Dunhill bags..Both are super rare, were staggeringly expensive and not available now. Don't have pictures ready, but do a search, very little comes up on either (Exclusivity, eh?) 1) Dunhill Avorities Single Zip Briefcase in soft grain black leather. All the accessories are still taped up and has been taken out of its sleeper bag once.Lovely...
I have been using my navy 240 for a few weeks now..love the bag, but those zips are dangerous! Also, any of you, who use it as an EDC bag, how do you organize the insides? I find it a bit "floppy" when carrying a laptop, papers and other odds and ends, especially when the laptop is removed, everything is all over and a right pain to re-organize.
Guys, Please could one of you gents tell me if a 13" MBP could fit inside a 232? I don't like the zipper on the 240. Much obliged!
Sold! Thank you..again...DS!
Someone please do a DOAK Westminster proxy for me...pleeeease...!
....oh fook me..!
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