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Of Course, everyone's foot shape is different, but out of all the shoes i've had on the 337, 341, 348 and 358, the 348 are supremely comfortable and very good looking!
348, followed by 348 and then 348 with the 348 bringing up the rear.
I know i'm being a bit difficult..only because my Galways on the 82 have a grained shaft and thus wanted the above.
These please.. I'm ready for the deposit.
Charlie Trevor's Equus. Period. You would be hard pressed to find finer quality anywhere.
Dark Oak AntiqueHAF sole / Oak Bark888.
If these were brown, I would be all over them!!!
I've been hit every time, but twice and have had to pay upto almost $300 in duties, (one $550) which makes anything I buy with a high declared value unaffordable!
Pardon the question, but do you'll mark the shipment at full value?We get slapped with random and arbitrary duties upto 60-70% on declared value AND shipping costs..
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