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RLPL Montgomery / EG Hove today.
Roger...WOW!!! The color is..sublime...I could eat them!
(sorry Charlie..off topic here.) JK, No carbs?
^^^HOW?? I can't seem to lose 1lb!!
I agree! Just haven't been bothered to get off my arse and do it! Thanks for the observation, though!
Indeed! However I am NOT a skinny person so narrow leg opening are a strict no-no for me. They are also about 2 inches too long..I was trying to hold them up. LOL!
Day 2 with the Northcotes! Khakis today.
HI DS!! When are we going to see some of yours?
I've been hit with the same..when I was listing a pair of Gucci loafers! After numerous phone calls (!!) and so much justification, it made one's eyes water! I was called by eBay and Paypal..I even scanned and emailed the invoice, that I had saved, luckily, but it made no difference. I tried again in a few days and for some reason, it worked!
This is a reply from EG, a few months ago, regarding a color change on a pair of boots: Dear Sir Thank you for your email. It would not be possible to change the colour from Burnt pine to Dark oak. We could make them darker but it would not be as dark as the Dark oak calf. If you would like to go ahead with this, we can arrange for the boots to be collected and returned by DHL. The charge for collection/ repolish and return is £105. Kind regards Robert Willis Sales...
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