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^^^Absolutely Stunning!!^^^
Guys, could someone post a couple of pics of chestnut Chadwick 2's in use please?
I agree! (...or..EG's W...)
Has Leffot's website shut down?
I know this is an old thread, but would like to add my 2 cents! Bought a pair on ebay (ubiquitous brown chiseled spilt toe penny loafer) about a year and a few months ago. They were a nightmare during the first few wears, my left little toe all but fell off and the vamp actually made sharp marks on the top of my foot! However, after a few wears they were SO comfortable and have become my beater-go-to shoe! They take cream polish very well and have developed a lovely...
Lol! Would you believe if I told you, I was just thinking how I wish these were an E width as I was wearing thicker socks today!
Santoni FAM's for Budapester Schuhe
Gentlemen, please may I kindly ask as to where you'll source your (cotton) argyles from?
Lovely shoes, thank you for sharing.I have one pair of black shoes and that should do me for the rest of my life![/quote]LOL!Me too! Only one pair of Zefer Zegna's that I got for free!
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