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Much obliged, Razl
PICS UP! Selling my super rare Brand New In The Box - Never Placed On The Floor - Never Put On - Crockett & Jones HANDGRADE Cowdray Boots. 10.5E UK. Dark brown Burnished Calf. 358 VERY sleek last. Will fit 11-11.5/12 D US IMHO, the nicest looking Chelsea's ever made. They are simply gorgeous. I mean, every time I open the box to gaze at their awesomeness, I want to eat them! There's only 1 place you can get them from, in Paris. Will come with the box, bags, etc. $700...
G&G Rothsdhchilds | MacGregor Argyle | Bonobos
Thank you..I didn't know that..
Chapman Bags, UK, about £33+£8 for shipping Stateside. Becomes quite short, if so required.
Winter Cleaning time! 1) C&J Dark Brown Tetbury's in 10E. Used, but well looked after. Box. 2) Goruck GR-1 Black. MINT + a couple of extra MOLLE zipped pouches + Velcro Patches also. 3) Avirex Leather Lambskin A2 Medium, but will fit a 42-46 chest. Gorgeous Seal Brown with the map print. No tears or scratches. Superb condition! 4) Beautiful Thrux Lawrence Backpack in Dark Brown and British Khaki Canvas. Spectacular Bag. You want a bag that will last a lifetime, here it...
@ertu...Chapman Bags. On order
1 coat of Reno and some dark brown cream polish later... Now need to find some DG70 trees.
I use this with my 240, 222, 257...works brilliantly - no slippage, good weight distribution and looks great too! The OEM Leather strap is rubbish, practically!
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