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How do you guys take such fab pictures..? RM Lucca 2 Radica (Ilcea?)
Just received my No. 18 Rusticalf with a Palladium Mayfair Buckle. Thanks very much Charlie & Dawn! Needless to say, cell phone pictures do it no justice. With a few of its siblings..
Someone buy my Cowdray's..pleeeeeeease!
Guys, in all fairness, this is a FILSON thread...lets keep it subjective?
Lads, you are both masters in your field, undoubtedly. I'm sure, this can be amicably laid to rest, should there have arisen, misunderstanding, question or doubt, personally and not on an open forum? I don't mean to intrude, but...
Much obliged, Razl
PICS UP! Selling my super rare Brand New In The Box - Never Placed On The Floor - Never Put On - Crockett & Jones HANDGRADE Cowdray Boots. 10.5E UK. Dark brown Burnished Calf. 358 VERY sleek last. Will fit 11-11.5/12 D US IMHO, the nicest looking Chelsea's ever made. They are simply gorgeous. I mean, every time I open the box to gaze at their awesomeness, I want to eat them! There's only 1 place you can get them from, in Paris. Will come with the box, bags, etc. $700...
G&G Rothsdhchilds | MacGregor Argyle | Bonobos
Thank you..I didn't know that..
Chapman Bags, UK, about £33+£8 for shipping Stateside. Becomes quite short, if so required.
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