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Hi all, Anyone have a pair of C&J Cottesmores in dark brown, size 10.5-11 UK (11-11.5 US), looking for a new home, give me a shout
Would love a pair! Please count me in
Hi all, Looking for a large size cashmere cable knit sweater - snuff/navy/black
Hi all, Looking for RLPL dark brown leather gloves. 8.5-9.5. M or L
Hi Wicky, Thanks, my bad! Preferably solids. Willing to go upto $750 each Cheers!
Hi all, Am looking for 1-2 good suits in Black and Dark Navy Blue 2 button or 3. They must be 42R and in very good condition. Cheers!
Hi all, How does one increase the length of a pair of cords, (ummm...4 pairs actually) without the nasty hem crease showing up? All my cords have "mysteriously" shrunk an inch..or it was my imagination and I was walking around like Steve Urkel all this time!
I have a Boss suit and a cotton sport jacket. I think they are really nice. The fit and fabric are almost as good, if not better than my Zegna suit! All of us can't afford an Isaia, Kiton or Cucinelli or priorities don't permit such a purchase. That doesn't mean a Mercedes compared to a Bentley (also VW by the way!!) is a bad or shunned car.
John Lobb Uppinghams - Cashew Suede. MINT. Worn only once.
I will let the pictures speak for themselves. in MINT condition and super-super rare! Paid a LOT. Asking $650. Shipped Anywhere..   http://www.styledrops.com/handbags-17224.html
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