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LOL..I "must" wear it....if you know what I mean..!Thank you, that's what i wanted to hear. Will give it a shot!
What would you wear a dark brown alligator belt with? Is it semi-casual? Formal? What shoes would go best with it? I got given one as a gift..it's quite nice, but have no clue what to do with it...
Hi, I just bought the Smith's in dark brown suede and although I wear an 11 in EG/C&J, the Smith's are simply HUGE! I would say at least a size bigger than the others! Is this normal with them?
Gdot Thanks for the reply. I measured my 10.5 Cottesmores and they are about 32.8 cms, the 10 Tetburys measure 32.6 cms. The 11's measure 33.6 cms. I am so confused as I don't really have the option of return. The Cottesmores fit me perfectly width wise but length wise do have some space.
Guys need help...a bit urgently please. I have a choice of 10 or 11E only. I usually wear a 10.5, but am afraid 11 would be too large..have the Grenson Smiths in 11F and they are very very big for me.
Guys, Any one have the Grenson Smiths? I got a pair in Dark Brown suede, in my usual UK 11 size and they are simply...HUGE! they feel at least 2 or more sizes too big! I have tried wearing them with the thickest socks I have and using a fairly thick, padded insole, but they are still extreeeemely "long" in the toe.. Is this normal for this model?
We have very humid climate where I live and all my belts, shoes, bags - especially the Filsons, pick up that horrible white mildewy "fungus" very quickly. Yes, the sun (and we have a lot of that, too) does help, but you can't store stuff outside..!
Appreciated. Thank you.
Gdot, Thank you for the reply. So, you would advice the Tetbury's in 10.5 as well, yes? Not an 11?
I wear my Cottesmores (341) in 10.5 uk, am thinking of gettIng the Tetbury's (348), should I maintain my size?
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