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BUMP! $500, shipped!
Here you go...les oranges..!!
The Chestnut is a dark Chocolate brown..with maybe a wee bit of a reddish tinge.
10.5G? Chestnut?
My Ron Ryder-ed C&J Cottesmores! The man is a genius! They get the most foot-time now!
Mr.Moo...what are these?? EXACTLY what i am looking for.....!
Bought quite a lot of Polo stuff from them..VERY reliable...a wee bit expensive, though... Usually manages to source stuff you just can't find elsewhere.
They "may" not be what you are looking for, but Ghurka is at 30% off...use their Promo Code SUMMER30.Just picked up a weathered messenger for less than a Victorinox or Tumi!
Softer? Really? I thought they were a tad more "agressively chisled" I also find my heel a layer too high, are you saying the DFs have the same heel height?
New Posts  All Forums: