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Tetburys owner's, how do you condition/polish them? Like regular leather?
I could give you Cottesmore (341) vs Tetbury (348), if that would help any?
Good God, you perv!!
Guys, Don't know if this is an appropriate post but here goes.. I bought the last pair of the antique nubuck brown Tetbury's from P.Lal in size 10. I have this awful feeling that they will be tight...I usually wear a 10.5, which was, naturally, sold out. If they are, indeed, tight, when they arrive sometime next week, would someone take them off my hands quickly? So that I can then buy the I-know-they-will-be-loose, 11's?
LOL..I "must" wear it....if you know what I mean..!Thank you, that's what i wanted to hear. Will give it a shot!
What would you wear a dark brown alligator belt with? Is it semi-casual? Formal? What shoes would go best with it? I got given one as a's quite nice, but have no clue what to do with it...
Hi, I just bought the Smith's in dark brown suede and although I wear an 11 in EG/C&J, the Smith's are simply HUGE! I would say at least a size bigger than the others! Is this normal with them?
Gdot Thanks for the reply. I measured my 10.5 Cottesmores and they are about 32.8 cms, the 10 Tetburys measure 32.6 cms. The 11's measure 33.6 cms. I am so confused as I don't really have the option of return. The Cottesmores fit me perfectly width wise but length wise do have some space.
Guys need help...a bit urgently please. I have a choice of 10 or 11E only. I usually wear a 10.5, but am afraid 11 would be too large..have the Grenson Smiths in 11F and they are very very big for me.
Guys, Any one have the Grenson Smiths? I got a pair in Dark Brown suede, in my usual UK 11 size and they are simply...HUGE! they feel at least 2 or more sizes too big! I have tried wearing them with the thickest socks I have and using a fairly thick, padded insole, but they are still extreeeemely "long" in the toe.. Is this normal for this model?
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