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LOL. I agree with the chino bit...though I have fairly decent base layers-top and bottom
I have a Corneliani tweed jacket already. car isn't worth that much! But, it IS sublime!
Thanks for the reply. I am trying to avoid anything past thigh length. I believe I have a rather short lower body and an overcoat/topcoat makes me look like a Dalek!
...Jesus..! That's spectacular!
Hi all. What do you'll wear or recommend as appropriate cold weather protection over semi-formal attire (chinos and a jacket/trousers and a jacket, not necessarily a suit, but with that too..)? For seriously cold weather (read : Duluth), I only have a vintage A2 Leather bomber that seems inappropriate at the best of times and is begging to be retired! Was looking at something like the Barbour Bedley..or similar. Any and all advice will be much appreciated.
Hi you go :
....those socks....
Hi Charlie, Thanks for the information. I will try and get some pictures for you. It is the top one.
Hi Charlie! Love it..but in retrospect I should have stuck to the earlier sizing! LOL A little off topic, I was wearing my Oak Brown Bakers while working on a car emergency and it got sweat soaked in parts (pardon the explicit details). So I washed the whole thing with fresh water and left it to dry, naturally. Gave it Reno and JW Sedgewick balm after. However, the stains haven't all gone, especially in the area of the holes, and it now looks very "patchily rugged" (not...
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