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LOL! .....Hope not!
X-Post from the C&J thread.. Northcotes today!
New Nortcotes today! Phone cam pic makes them look a lot "redder" than they actually are!
^^ Mine are in the air too! Hopefully a Saturday Delivery!"
My Dovers looked N-O-T-H-I-N-G like those, that's why I flipped them!
Thanks jhcam8..however, not even a shadow on your magnificent Wigmores!
^^ Very nice, but WAY over my budget!
The thing is, on an average day, I usually carry : 13" MBP in a sleeve Ipad Phone Mophie/Battery Backup Leatherman Bunch of cables Chargers Med pouch Pens, pencil A5 Filofax Small camera Company Literature/Brochures for clients Business Card Case Wallet Key fob. With the Mulholland (like the Ghurka) it ends up becoming a dump & squeeze job, and that is a problem for me.
I did look at the Express, but again, it's just a large undivided space.
Guys, need help please : I am looking for a briefcase, but not a $1000 one, for work Am currently using a Mulholland Angler's Bag and am not happy with it. It's too small, not enough pockets/organization (for my use) and the canvas (waxed olive canvas/stout leather) feels very flimsy and light. I am looking for a bag similar to the Ghurka Examiner No. 5, but bigger. The Ghurka wouldn't suit my requirements.
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