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Were these sold?
Very Nice!
Anyone heard from Betty? Have sent her 2 mails now..over a week, but no reply on the shipping status for my boots as yet..
They truly are...looking for a loving home...!
Selling my Brand New, Beautiful, Never Worn, Mint, BNIB...etc, etc..Edward Green Sandrighams on the 82 last, size 10.5/11. Color is Edward Green's very desired Dark Oak Antique. They are just a bit too small for me. Shame, really, because they are undoubtedly the most beautiful shoes I have seen!! I paid about $900 for them 2/3 weeks ago, and that's what I am asking for, shipped worldwide. NOW $875 $850 $800 $700 SOLD Box, bags, polishing cloth. I would consider trades...
eBay...seriously! You may get VERY lucky..!
Is it my imagination, or does this generic Dynamic Flex Craftsman picture make them look MUCH sleeker with a MUCH more chiseled toe? Mine look like a pair of bloody fish!
The postman just dropped off a parcel from Australia! Dealing with Sue, from The Stable Door was a pleasure. Good prices too! But, I just find my new Dynamic Flex's quite frumpy looking...maybe it's me...but I'm just not "feeling" them..a large part of me was hoping they would be sleeker than my old Craftsmans. Oh well, B&S, here we come...
Lattanzi...hmmm....thought the socks complimented the shoes a bit more than the picture shows...
Yes, in Dark Brown Suede
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