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You're just trying to keep my paws away from yours!
Love my DSSD..I just feel my hands automatically gravitate to it before any other..truly a brilliant watch!!
The ones at Edwards of Manchester are working out a LOT cheaper than either Axel's or Leffot...BUT, they are the suede shaft with leather soles, whereas the others are like yours.. I have written to them all, Steven doesn't have stock ready, neither does Stirling, but says should be in within 2 weeks.. The only issue is the Edwards ones are F width, so am a bit hesitant...
Oh judge away...just do it while you sell me yours! hahaha..just kidding...!
"obsessed" being the operative..
Thank you...
I would not have thought twice of picking them up, instead of harassing you to sell me yours!
Mainly...? This "Dear Sir Thank you for your email. It would not be possible to change the colour from Burnt pine to Dark oak. We could make them a little darker but it would not be as dark as the Dark oak calf. If you would like to go ahead with this, we can arrange for the boots to be collected and returned by DHL. The charge for collection/ repolish and return is £105. Kind regards Robert Willis Sales manager Edward Green and Co 75 Jermyn Street London"
That's just plain mean! LOLSeriously, though, thanks for the bump! I do have an open post....earlier post edited to reflect it.
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