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So with Saratorial!!!
How do so many SF-ers have such small feet??
Here you go : Carmina Simpson last Suede Chelsea 80216 vs. Crockett & Jones 348 last Suede Tetbury
I think the Simpson would be closest, no?I can put up a pair of Tetbury's on the 348 next to a pair of Simpson lasted Chelseas, if that would help any?
Galways are the best...ahem..ahem!!
Filson Rutland duffle! Because it's just plain kewl!
Ron Rider of Rider Boot fame. Ron@riderbootshop.com
Should I, really?I hope they don't spazz out and start hurling profanities! LOL.Will post their reply!
Just bought 2 pairs of Tetburys from Plal. They still have considerable stock available. For how much longer?...I don't know.But they are great to deal with and fast on shipping!
Hahahaha! what are the odds!!
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