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$300!!!! Come on you RMW lovers!!!!
I think I opened a big ol' can of worms...
Just FYI, PLAL has limited stocks in the Brown Tetbury.
I use a regular conditioner and treat it as I would leather.It feels nothing like "real" nubuck, more like a thick waxy leather.
So with Saratorial!!!
How do so many SF-ers have such small feet??
Here you go : Carmina Simpson last Suede Chelsea 80216 vs. Crockett & Jones 348 last Suede Tetbury
I think the Simpson would be closest, no?I can put up a pair of Tetbury's on the 348 next to a pair of Simpson lasted Chelseas, if that would help any?
Galways are the best...ahem..ahem!!
Filson Rutland duffle! Because it's just plain kewl!
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