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That's just plain mean! LOLSeriously, though, thanks for the bump! I do have an open post....earlier post edited to reflect it.
Also have, but these either up for sale and a few just sold...
Dark Brown Suede Tetburys today!
oohh!! Those are very nice, Namor! and my size....hmmmm....
IWC 5001-07 IWC 5004 IWC 3799-01 New strap + deployant Rolex 116600 DSSD AP ROOS
Good point... No. The Custom fits did not stretch much at all, whereas the regulars/Classic fits - both Big Pony/Multi color big Pony, Small Pony stretched. Also, My last buy of regular small pony Custom fits also varied in length greatly, so much so, that 2 of them have to be worn tucked in because they are that long at the back!
BUMP!!!! $790!!! This is a bargain for these shoes!
Last would be the only thing, I suppose..I could darken the color..
Hi all, Looking for a pair of Galways in Dark Oak/Country Calf. 11/11.5 D or E is fine. Need them soon. Have a bunch of stuff I can part trade with cash on top - EG's, RMW's, Ghurka, Lattanzi, Filson, etc, etc... Or can just pay cash Drop me a line please. Thank you!
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