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Hi Charlie....here you go :
....those socks....
Hi Charlie, Thanks for the information. I will try and get some pictures for you. It is the top one.
Hi Charlie! Love it..but in retrospect I should have stuck to the earlier sizing! LOL A little off topic, I was wearing my Oak Brown Bakers while working on a car emergency and it got sweat soaked in parts (pardon the explicit details). So I washed the whole thing with fresh water and left it to dry, naturally. Gave it Reno and JW Sedgewick balm after. However, the stains haven't all gone, especially in the area of the holes, and it now looks very "patchily rugged" (not...
How do you guys take such fab pictures..? RM Lucca 2 Radica (Ilcea?)
Just received my No. 18 Rusticalf with a Palladium Mayfair Buckle. Thanks very much Charlie & Dawn! Needless to say, cell phone pictures do it no justice. With a few of its siblings..
Someone buy my Cowdray's..pleeeeeeease!
Guys, in all fairness, this is a FILSON thread...lets keep it subjective?
Lads, you are both masters in your field, undoubtedly. I'm sure, this can be amicably laid to rest, should there have arisen, misunderstanding, question or doubt, personally and not on an open forum? I don't mean to intrude, but...
Much obliged, Razl
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