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Hi all, It is with much sadness I must let my beloved EG Galways go. Edward Green Galway's are in Dark Oak/Walnut Country Calf on the 82 last. UK 11/11/.5 D. Have always been treed, bagged and boxed. This pair is quite...famous..on the forum. They have a small scar at the rear of the inside right heel area. It's superficial and only a surface scuff. Also quite invisible when worn. Box Only $650 These are them...
Lads, just bought a pair of the Uetam last dark brown suede string loafers from Steve, Gentlemensfootwear (absolutely smashing gent, BTW!!) and am bewildered..what does one wear them with? Are they too formal to wear with shorts?
I have a 15 year old Ghurka No. 17 and just don't like the color...it's the light chestnut one. I would love to darken a few shades but except for conditioning it once in a few months, haven't had the guts to take dark shoe cream near it.. Has anyone successfully darkened a lighter bag? Even a few shades darker.. What about the contrast stitching? Would Obenauf's LO significantly alter the color (not a bad thing, mind..!)?
Damn! And my size too!
Galway Day.
Super combo Rog!! Don't think I could ever carry off navy, though!
X-Post from the EG thread. RLPL Montgomery / EG Hove
RLPL Montgomery / EG Hove today.
Roger...WOW!!! The color is..sublime...I could eat them!
(sorry Charlie..off topic here.) JK, No carbs?
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