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Super combo Rog!! Don't think I could ever carry off navy, though!
X-Post from the EG thread. RLPL Montgomery / EG Hove
RLPL Montgomery / EG Hove today.
Roger...WOW!!! The color is..sublime...I could eat them!
(sorry Charlie..off topic here.) JK, No carbs?
^^^HOW?? I can't seem to lose 1lb!!
I agree! Just haven't been bothered to get off my arse and do it! Thanks for the observation, though!
Indeed! However I am NOT a skinny person so narrow leg opening are a strict no-no for me. They are also about 2 inches too long..I was trying to hold them up. LOL!
Day 2 with the Northcotes! Khakis today.
HI DS!! When are we going to see some of yours?
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