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I have a 15 year old Ghurka No. 17 and just don't like the color...it's the light chestnut one. I would love to darken a few shades but except for conditioning it once in a few months, haven't had the guts to take dark shoe cream near it.. Has anyone successfully darkened a lighter bag? Even a few shades darker.. What about the contrast stitching? Would Obenauf's LO significantly alter the color (not a bad thing, mind..!)?
Damn! And my size too!
Galway Day.
Super combo Rog!! Don't think I could ever carry off navy, though!
X-Post from the EG thread. RLPL Montgomery / EG Hove
RLPL Montgomery / EG Hove today.
Roger...WOW!!! The color is..sublime...I could eat them!
(sorry Charlie..off topic here.) JK, No carbs?
^^^HOW?? I can't seem to lose 1lb!!
I agree! Just haven't been bothered to get off my arse and do it! Thanks for the observation, though!
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