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It's time to clean out the closet. Going to be putting up a bunch of stuff here. If it doesn't sell, off to the 'Bay. 3 Wallets coming up, of which my Hermes Short Wallet is first, followed by a great condition Dark Brown LV Utah Leather one. It's about 14 or 15 years old, but doesn't look it. It had an F embossed on it (so I assumed 2002-ish). Apparently bought in Japan for an absurd amount. I have always kept it in the best condition as I could, and as such it is in...
bleeding out here...
BUMP!! Let's get them a new home....$400...360!!!
Up for sale are a pair of super Crockett & Jones Tetbury's in Dark Brown Suede. UK10E. They are in great condition, with a small spot of matted suede/wear on the rear, right heel, quite invisible when worn. The flash on my camera phone made it look MUCH lighter than it is. Comes with bags. AND, a pair of lovely Brown leather Tetbury's. UK10E. These have been used a fair bit, as can be seen. But are in remarkable condition and have many years of wear left in them. Always...
Well, the title says it all..it is a brand new, never used, navy Filson Medium Duffle. $300 Now SOLD Shipped Worldwide
Much obliged Razl 10% off with his reference!
Can the credit card slots that have stretched out a bit be tightened? One of my favorite wallets has slots that are just a little bit too loose and cards do fall out rather easily. I have tried researching this and I came up with soaking, ironing, etc. Water is NOT an option as it is a lizard skin Hermes wallet and it is not going near liquid. Any suggestions please?
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