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Guys, a little help please...need to get a sturdy wet coldish weather boot. never had grain, so... AS Hannover or C&J Islay?
I would also consider a pair of Brown G&G's (Deco or TG73) in UK11E - Wingtips, Captoes, Monks or Loafers in trade.
Let's get it a nice new pocket! $ 5-7-5
It's time to clean out the closet. Going to be putting up a bunch of stuff here. If it doesn't sell, off to the 'Bay. 3 Wallets coming up, of which my Hermes Short Wallet is first, followed by a great condition Dark Brown LV Utah Leather one. It's about 14 or 15 years old, but doesn't look it. It had an F embossed on it (so I assumed 2002-ish). Apparently bought in Japan for an absurd amount. I have always kept it in the best condition as I could, and as such it is in...
bleeding out here...
BUMP!! Let's get them a new home....$400...360!!!
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