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Up for sale are 2 of my Filson's that have gotten little to almost no use. 1) Filson's Rare, now unavailable and really very nice Rugged Twill Backpack in 24oz Otter green canvas with Bridle leather straps (covered in dense wool felt), leather flap, Leather front pocket flap.The whole bottom of the bag is also covered in beautiful dark brown leather. Interior padded laptop sleeve and zipped pocket. Still has the price tag with it. $325 2) Good ol' Tan 257 with a brand...
Thanks meister. I'll try that. Don't have much to lose really
I didn't know they were in such poor condition when I got them. Not much I could do about it. I'll give Dandy a shoutout. Wonder what this is going to cost though
Guys, I really need some help here... What could possibly be done to save them please? Would leather seat (automotive) repair work...? I really don't want to bin them, if I can give them another stab at life.
Lads, Where does one go to get an MTO shoe/boot done? Is it directly with EG? (similar to Bespoke England and G&G) Also, what are the approx. charges and lead times?
I have a new found love for AS. The Radwell's (what an absolutely cracking boot!), Moore's and Hannover's are all truly excellent...I would say better than their equivalent C&J's (of the 5 pairs I have) for sure. I wear a 10.5F ( slightly toe-roomy) in AS and 10E in C&J 348/358.
1/2 to 1 size larger...and I would have been in trouble
Unfortunately, no. It would be a VERY long distance, no returns possible, purchase.
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