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Thanks meister. I'll try that. Don't have much to lose really
I didn't know they were in such poor condition when I got them. Not much I could do about it. I'll give Dandy a shoutout. Wonder what this is going to cost though
Guys, I really need some help here... What could possibly be done to save them please? Would leather seat (automotive) repair work...? I really don't want to bin them, if I can give them another stab at life.
Lads, Where does one go to get an MTO shoe/boot done? Is it directly with EG? (similar to Bespoke England and G&G) Also, what are the approx. charges and lead times?
I have a new found love for AS. The Radwell's (what an absolutely cracking boot!), Moore's and Hannover's are all truly excellent...I would say better than their equivalent C&J's (of the 5 pairs I have) for sure. I wear a 10.5F ( slightly toe-roomy) in AS and 10E in C&J 348/358.
1/2 to 1 size larger...and I would have been in trouble
Unfortunately, no. It would be a VERY long distance, no returns possible, purchase.
Guys, a little help please...need to get a sturdy wet coldish weather boot. never had grain, so... AS Hannover or C&J Islay?
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