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I have been using my navy 240 for a few weeks now..love the bag, but those zips are dangerous! Also, any of you, who use it as an EDC bag, how do you organize the insides? I find it a bit "floppy" when carrying a laptop, papers and other odds and ends, especially when the laptop is removed, everything is all over and a right pain to re-organize.
Guys, Please could one of you gents tell me if a 13" MBP could fit inside a 232? I don't like the zipper on the 240. Much obliged!
Sold! Thank you..again...DS!
Someone please do a DOAK Westminster proxy for me...pleeeease...!
....oh fook me..!
Can you imagine!?
aaand..Up again!
Why won't anyone buy my Galways!!!
C&J's - Sold Galways - Withdrawn ($90..!!...REALLY!!!! You %&*@*$!!!!!!!!!!)
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