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Thank you..I didn't know that..
Chapman Bags, UK, about £33+£8 for shipping Stateside. Becomes quite short, if so required.
Guys I am looking for a brown, dual zip top, dual handle leather briefcase, or similar bag. Something on the lines of a Coach Bleeker, Oppermann, Lotuff, Frank Clegg, etc I will trade with an almost brand new tan Filson 220 and a slightly used Navy 240. Depending on the bag I can also throw in a pair of brown well cared for C&J Tetbury's in 10E. If your offering is truly worthy, i'll give you a MINT GR1 also! Please do let me know! Thanks very much
@ertu...Chapman Bags. On order
I want to sell everything I own..including myself for that jacket wallet!
1 coat of Reno and some dark brown cream polish later... Now need to find some DG70 trees.
I use this with my 240, 222, 257...works brilliantly - no slippage, good weight distribution and looks great too! The OEM Leather strap is rubbish, practically!
The name's a bit of a conversation starter, I tell you! LOL
Lifesaver thread..literally. CK in many iterations..ALL bloody painfully bugger around with the inner thigh area..
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