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that sounds like a good deal to me...alas I am in Adelaide.
Some years ago I received a similarly worded invitation and felt the need to ask my mother because I wasn't sure. She told me it was the suit that men wore socially (rather than for work) when they went out for dinner/drinks/show the days when men dressed smartly. Do your grandparents have any Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Junior, Max Bygraves etc LPs hanging around? That is what you are looking for.
I'll lend my support to Clint here, great to do business with. Must be 8-9 pair of shoes in 3 months. All have arrived safe and sound in Australia, clearly well packaged enough. more to come too! I have found this interesting because I did this job in Aust in the early 80's for a couple of years. Damage was very very rare, packages get placed on a conveyer belt, they are scanned, ie, xrayed, sniffed by a dog, then placed in a bin for the post. You cannot charge...
Clint, could you comment on the size and colour of the Martegnanis? How would they go for a UK9? cheers
Yes they are closed. I was in '5 Percy St' today getting some polish and was told that production for MTO resumes at the end of Jan, the wait after that being 4-6 weeks . It is the summer holidays here and there are a few public holidays after xmas so quite a few SA factories customarily close for a couple of weeks. I notice they do a zip up, lace up ankle boot and a derby type shoe these days. The highlight was the bright purple craftsman!
I think 'duster' must be the US term as they are commonly referred to as 'oilskin' in Aust as teh others have said. Maybe it is because it doesn't rain a lot in Sth Australia but I cannot remember seeing a leather one, they are usually cotton canvas. Driza-bone appears to be the most popular but a few companies make this traditional style rural raincoat. I am sure oilskins would have been used around the world, are they 'barbours' in the UK? You also see motor cycle...
No one has mentioned the stereo equipment: VAF Research and Krix for speakers. Redgum and Burson Audio for amps etc. I though Fosters was one of the things we exported along with Rolf Harris, Germaine Greer, Kylie etc. I have found crown to be drinkable on a hot day!
PM and payment sent re the HB grey trousers.
I was looking at the 'Silt' today. They appeared more grey than chestnut, in terms of the usual RMW chestnut. Trapp describes them well, not a suede as you would usually imagine it, rather a much finer 'nap' if that is the right word (I am no expert). Somewhat distressed and a really nice soft supple leather, not as rigid or polished as the standard leather. I thought they would go nicely with indigo blue jeans.
I'll add my vote for Pediwear, they are very good value. There are also some great bargains and sellers on this site.
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