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I have ordered six pair from Pediwear over the last 8 months. Four shipped immediately and arriving well within the usual time it gets to Australia. One pair told within 24 hours that there would be a fourweek delay, the other told within 24 hours it would take 15 days to deliver. So it looks like you have all improved their customer service. My two pair from Herring came a few days quicker just as a few have noted above. Their prices are significantly cheaper than...
I'll start by saying I don't own any of the above makes. I ticked 'they are about the same' because it is colour and style that I am mostly influenced by rather than make. I have seen great shoes by all three. My head has been turned by wholecuts lately. You have got great taste in shoes Clint, so I am looking forward to seeing what comes next!
Right again there FXH, except that I think I might have seen an RM safety boot. In SA we would draw your attention to Rossi Boots whose hiking boots are well regarded here as well as the safety and work boots. their website is worth checking out. the blunnies are all over the place though.
Spot on fxh! Being middle aged I remember that ubiquitous 'uniform' well and you have described it accurately. Perhaps because there was always the 'seconds' shop in Adelaide they crept into wider business use more commonly. Sounds like part of you knows your siblings were right to give you that ribbing! Those pale moleskins are still popular in SA, I got green and burgundy though. It never gets a mention on this forum but the 'classic' RM (you don't use the...
Could anyone recommend an internet seller? The Chinese ones on ebay are still $35-40 in my experience. Cedarville do not ship internationally. Any tips much appreciated.
that sounds like a good deal to me...alas I am in Adelaide.
Some years ago I received a similarly worded invitation and felt the need to ask my mother because I wasn't sure. She told me it was the suit that men wore socially (rather than for work) when they went out for dinner/drinks/show etc...in the days when men dressed smartly. Do your grandparents have any Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Junior, Max Bygraves etc LPs hanging around? That is what you are looking for.
I'll lend my support to Clint here, great to do business with. Must be 8-9 pair of shoes in 3 months. All have arrived safe and sound in Australia, clearly well packaged enough. more to come too! I have found this interesting because I did this job in Aust in the early 80's for a couple of years. Damage was very very rare, packages get placed on a conveyer belt, they are scanned, ie, xrayed, sniffed by a dog, then placed in a bin for the post. You cannot charge...
Clint, could you comment on the size and colour of the Martegnanis? How would they go for a UK9? cheers
Yes they are closed. I was in '5 Percy St' today getting some polish and was told that production for MTO resumes at the end of Jan, the wait after that being 4-6 weeks . It is the summer holidays here and there are a few public holidays after xmas so quite a few SA factories customarily close for a couple of weeks. I notice they do a zip up, lace up ankle boot and a derby type shoe these days. The highlight was the bright purple craftsman!
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