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UK firm Peter Christian were once recommended on this forum for moleskins but I have not tried them myself yet. Looking at the website, they might be squatters!
I suspect he'll be an instant success! Have you got any more like him we could have?
Re: the factory shop at Frost Rd, Salisbury, it has factory seconds for $220 all year round. There is usally about 2 dozen per size on display but you can also ask if they have anything else 'out the back'. I don't think they sell seconds at Percy St.
Herring 'Jackie', similar to the Loake above, is also a nice one.
December, according to my 2008 catalogue B529 is described as 'medium toe' and can be combined with the flat, rubber and ladies heel. Styles available are: turnout jodhpur, gardener, bass, gammon, wentworth, bushman, territorian and pilbara. It appears rounder than the Queenslander, which is B536. There is only the Queenslander style listed for that and is an 'x' fitting. There is 'wide toe' B530, same styles available, and extra wide toe B531, again the same styles...
I have ordered six pair from Pediwear over the last 8 months. Four shipped immediately and arriving well within the usual time it gets to Australia. One pair told within 24 hours that there would be a fourweek delay, the other told within 24 hours it would take 15 days to deliver. So it looks like you have all improved their customer service. My two pair from Herring came a few days quicker just as a few have noted above. Their prices are significantly cheaper than...
I'll start by saying I don't own any of the above makes. I ticked 'they are about the same' because it is colour and style that I am mostly influenced by rather than make. I have seen great shoes by all three. My head has been turned by wholecuts lately. You have got great taste in shoes Clint, so I am looking forward to seeing what comes next!
Right again there FXH, except that I think I might have seen an RM safety boot. In SA we would draw your attention to Rossi Boots whose hiking boots are well regarded here as well as the safety and work boots. their website is worth checking out. the blunnies are all over the place though.
Spot on fxh! Being middle aged I remember that ubiquitous 'uniform' well and you have described it accurately. Perhaps because there was always the 'seconds' shop in Adelaide they crept into wider business use more commonly. Sounds like part of you knows your siblings were right to give you that ribbing! Those pale moleskins are still popular in SA, I got green and burgundy though. It never gets a mention on this forum but the 'classic' RM (you don't use the...
Could anyone recommend an internet seller? The Chinese ones on ebay are still $35-40 in my experience. Cedarville do not ship internationally. Any tips much appreciated.
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