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Quote: Originally Posted by TheChefs What is the fit like of the chinos you have mentioned? Especially through thighs, which is important for me since I'm one of those athletic shaped freaks with largish thighs and small waist. I like the herringbone chinos fit and quality wise (I own 1 pair), I just don't like the price. Do you know how the above brands compare? I'm very wary when it comes to ordering pants online... I have also recently...
Cheers fxh, thanks for sharing that info. It is the thicker variety I am looking for and I'll be putting them to similar use. How was the fit btw? waist size accurate or 'vanity'?
Quote: Originally Posted by fxh I just received 5 pairs from Peter Christian- perfect - taken up a bit. Any one after 8 pairs of 34 -36 chinos with one or two pleats in good nick? And perhaps one pair of Peter Christian moleskins Loden colour? worn twice nice except its not really in my palate fxh, could you say more about the Peter Christian moleskins? How would they compare with the RMW for instance? I have been wondering about them but...
One is AE Melrose, the other, I don't have the original box. It is a 10D burgundy monk, the lettering inside reads 10D 10699 2 on one line, then below, 2471 COMB. 4440. I also have a ferragamo Belgrado in 10D. I am afraid I don't know what IIRC means?
I think it just goes to show that it is trial and error with the different makes re: fit and width. FWIIW, I have 3 pair RMW ('cos I am Sth Australian!) all in 9. I have 2 pair of AE both in 10D that fit nicely. I don't own a pair of Blunnies, however, Belligro is right when he says these are 'agricultural'. They are a working mans boot for use on buidling sites, paddocks etc and probably fit with thicker outdoor work/hiking socks in mind. I'll draw your attention to...
I am thinking of a dark unlit cellar packed with refugee children somewhere down Hanson Rd Ponty...the 'cashmere' will be from some old goat shot just outside Pt Pirie.
UK firm Peter Christian were once recommended on this forum for moleskins but I have not tried them myself yet. Looking at the website, they might be squatters!
I suspect he'll be an instant success! Have you got any more like him we could have?
Re: the factory shop at Frost Rd, Salisbury, it has factory seconds for $220 all year round. There is usally about 2 dozen per size on display but you can also ask if they have anything else 'out the back'. I don't think they sell seconds at Percy St.
Herring 'Jackie', similar to the Loake above, is also a nice one.
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