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Great tip Whodini, many thanks.
Friends, can you recommend a slim (not skinny) fit dark wash/indigo non fade jean around 15oz weight? thanks
I think this thread is a great idea, well done! A couple of my favourites from Mr K and Montesquieu. http://s1091.photobucket.com/albums/...=201001072.jpg http://s1091.photobucket.com/albums/...t=DSC02495.jpg
Could you give the waist, inseam and hem measurements please?
Herring Shoes has one I recall.
Hiking is my main hobby so thank you to all of you for an interesting gear discussion. As you are doing a series of day walks I think you can avoid most of the modern synthetic fibre 'technical' gear. While most of my walking has been in Australia's mild climate I have done some in the Himalaya, North Africa etc. I much prefer spending the day in cotton and wool depending on temperature, the synthetic fibre gear leaves me sweating far more than I like. Remember that...
I would email the staff at Pediwear as they are very helpful with this issue.
I am in Australia and use the UK site and VAT has always been deducted.
I went on the same search six months ago. The Herring shoes website carries the Loake, Cheaney, Church and Trickers suede wingtips. Shipton and Heneage have a suede wingtip monkstrap that I am thinking of getting although I am not sure of the shape. apologies but I don't know how to paste the links.
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