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Yes, you are right Red, I wonder if it is accentuated by the SF 'robot pose' I tried to emulate? It is not apparent when I look at myself in the mirror or see my reflection when walking along. The waist is also slimmer by a cm or two than other jackets I have and I wonder if that contributes when the jacket is buttoned? Don't have any other photos I am afraid!
Thanks in advance SF, I have learnt a lot over the last year. I am now moving to tweak my jackets. I would appreciate your thoughts on the fit of these tweed jackets. I usually go for a 40s jacket with the sleeves at 24”. The first jacket is a Bookster Orkney tweed, 40s. The second is a JCrew Moon tweed 40r, sleeve shortened.
There is also the RMW Factory seconds shop at Frost Rd, Salisbury about 30 mins drive north of the city up the Main North Rd. Apart from that my Melb friends tend to visit for the festivals. I live in Prospect, don't expect too much from the small 'museum'!
Consult with Pediwear or Herring. I recall reading that you can mail them an outline of your foot that you have drawn on paper then they can advise on a size/last.
My first Bookster hacking jacket arrived a couple of weeks ago and I am very pleased with it. I wish I could learn how to post pictures as I would like it critiqued before I do another!
I highly recommend the Australian economics blog 'macrobusiness' which often discusses this issue. I think they would agree with Meister and the others who have commented.
Well done for keeping this issue in teh public eye FXH.I think you'll find that the parcel delivery part of OzPost is already privatised. I have rels that do it, they love ebay! They are required to have the OzPost logo on their vans but they periodically tender for the rounds and are paid per item I think.You are right about the delay, I did this job in the early 80's at customs. The parcels go on a conveyor belt, the dogs sniff for drugs, maybe explosives now? Likely...
Many thanks Tone, this has worked a treat. Already use Firefox so this has been very straightforward. I understand the need for SF to have advertising but it has been quite frustrating!
Very early feedback: I use Mozilla Firefox, it seems to take longer to connect/load. The page is more saturated with adverts as my old laptop screen is square this makes it appear visually crowded. The buying and selling looks significantly improved though. I look forward to trialling the rest of it.
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