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The factory is Frost Rd, Salisbury(suburb of Adelaide), South Australia. I have heard though that seconds are available in other cities. I suggest ask in the Aust members forum unless you happen to be visiting SA.
About AU$340 when I was in shop late last year. Seconds $220.
Here's an earlier thread that has helped with my planning. http://www.styleforum.net/t/210708/paris-recommendations
This one is a Moon charcoal herringbone by J Crew.
What's your opinion of Bookster in terms of fit and construction? I might like to give them a go. I am afraid that I am not really qualified enough re SF fit and construction expertise to say. Having said that I really like mine and have ordered another. It has often been complimented by friends and colleagues, I also bought a pair of trousers and I really like them and am getting another pair also. The website was easy to use and I did my best with my measurements...
The above is a vintage Crombie, 70's? This is a Bookster Orkney from this year.
Yes, you are right Red, I wonder if it is accentuated by the SF 'robot pose' I tried to emulate? It is not apparent when I look at myself in the mirror or see my reflection when walking along. The waist is also slimmer by a cm or two than other jackets I have and I wonder if that contributes when the jacket is buttoned? Don't have any other photos I am afraid!
Thanks in advance SF, I have learnt a lot over the last year. I am now moving to tweak my jackets. I would appreciate your thoughts on the fit of these tweed jackets. I usually go for a 40s jacket with the sleeves at 24”. The first jacket is a Bookster Orkney tweed, 40s. The second is a JCrew Moon tweed 40r, sleeve shortened.
There is also the RMW Factory seconds shop at Frost Rd, Salisbury about 30 mins drive north of the city up the Main North Rd. Apart from that my Melb friends tend to visit for the festivals. I live in Prospect, don't expect too much from the small 'museum'!
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