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They might still be local goat wool so if you like them and do the job why not? Which market as I'll be in KTM later this year also?
Yes that is far too cheap to be 100% Pashmina. I am in Delhi most years and buy scarves for the family. You'll pay anywhere from $50-100 in reputable fixed price places.
I like my Epaulet:
Just received an email saying shirt and trousers are shipped two weeks after ordering. I don't have them here yet though.
Burgundy shoes/boots?
pm sent.
I agree with those suggesting going down a size. I wear a 40 suit jacket and have a 38 Bedale that measures 21" pit to pit. If you go on the UK Ebay website you'll notice that some of the sellers give quite comprhensive measurements which can be a useful guide.
Could we have the other measurements, inseam, leg opening etc? thanks.
Pediwear are also very helpful with sizing. I once read on SF that they advised someone to fax an outline of their feet! Re Loake size I am also the same as my RMW size.
Kai, if you don't mind me asking, who are you going with for this order given Bookster's demise? I just got a jacket from them after 6 months waiting but now I can see I was lucky!
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