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when you arrive hang your suit. on a good hanger and hang in the bathroom. then steam it.the wrinkles come out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert Hall Moe Ginsberg before they closed. +1 used to love that place. They almost gave the suits away,
just get a favorite [ and broken in ] pair of shoes resoled. Easier, more comfortable and much less expensive It's not just about traction. I assume you may have to run. If leather had more traction I suspect vibram sole would be made from leather
hell yes looks great with a nice sweater I do it all the time!
where do you live and what is the purpose of the garment. I always found Brooks Bros. a good source for conservative work coats. sale on now?
No, but it's a good idea. how about an iPhone app
thank you I am sad to see that Bates is disappearing. Not too many years ago Herbert Johnson also went away. I guess people no longer wear hats!
do your shopping when you get there your colleagues should be helpful about places to shop. see what they wear before spending too manyh ££££ oh, and get a pair of black shoes!
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