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This is a large satchel from Saddleback Leather in black. It's a good-sized messenger bag/briefcase that can fit a 13" laptop and some large items inside, plus a water bottle and umbrella in the exterior pockets. Exterior wear is minimal, and most scuff marks could be removed/covered with some leather care. Older model, so interior is all black. Includes both shoulder strap pieces for use as a back-pack; one was never used. Other details here:...
I wear a black lamb MDR (untreated; haven't done anything but take it out of the bag and wear it) in Seattle all the time. I haven't had it in a downpour, but for light-to-moderate rain it just shrugs it off; I don't notice it absorbing much water, and haven't noticed any change at all in the leather from it.
I wanted to order a BCDR in the lamb suede, but Charly highly recommended against it -- said it would be too loose and floppy for the jacket style; so I switched to calf suede. I have both lamb and calf regular leather jackets, and there is a big difference between them.
In for my last ToJ jacket: BCDR in the diesel blue suede with single-needle diamond quilting. This will go with a blacked-out lamb ADR and bottle green/silver 4-zip moto I got last year. Just checked, and I ordered my first piece from ToJ back at the beginning of 2010: OCBDv1 and the original peacoat in black-white herringbone. Still things I wear regularly now (well, in the right season).
It is actually pretty easy to make a custom form (search for "duct tape dress form" -- basically wrap an old t-shirt in duct tape while you're wearing it, then cut it off, reseal it, and stuff it) -- very helpful if you are making custom clothes and want a way to measure "yourself" and test-fit items.But making a bunch to wear your jackets all lined up on a shelf is another possibility...
What's the thickness/warmth of the diesel blue suede like (compared to the black lamb)? Alternately, how badly is the suede hurt by water? I'm lusting after that BCDR example, but I'm in Seattle where summer is the only time we don't get rain. If the suede is just not going to work here, then I can ditch any plans for acquiring it (especially since I just got two ToJ leathers last fall, I really don't need another).
Haha, I've gotten the same thing. Though once when I was wearing my bottle green moto, some Greenpeace guy was like "Green jacket, Greenpeace, right?!" I don't think those really relate
Oh, that's me. Kinda weird seeing a stalker picture of me from the back...I got the jacket (moto in bottle green with silver zips) just a few weeks ago, been trying to wear it whenever it can because it is super-stiff. It kind-of looks bad zipped up because the stiffness makes it awkward, but looks great unzipped, so trying to break it in a bit. I think the size is fine, though, since I got an ADR in lamb in the same size, and it fits well (on the slim side, but I like...
Finalized my order for a bottle green 4-zip moto and pair of trousers in grey. Definitely looking forward to these, even if the jacket probably won't be wearable until fall (I am in Seattle, so you never know...).
What's the undertone on the bottle green -- brown, yellow, other?
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