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Ibo's in downtown Norfolk. Don't have the phone or adress with me now.
I hate wristwatches. Always have. I have four pocket watches and I enjoy rotating them with different chains in different ways. For example in the lapel buttonhole of a sportcoat or suit jacket and , as previouly noted, there are a variety of ways of wearing the chains on a vest. It's so rarely seen that it looks very fresh to most people and I get lots of compliments. BUT you have to be confident and own the look.
Pictures of their work. Prices. Fabrics in stock. More pictures. Personal style idiosycracies.
I like Manton's sweater vest prototype. Looks like the one's you see in the old movies and photos of the 1930s.
If you don't mind the schlepp, I would recommend Jim Branch. He's in the Libbie and Grove area.
A splendid notion! Obviously, not for business, but so what? I am thinking of doing the same myself. Big thumbs up. Please send pictures.
I like that suit with the DB vest. Go for it yachtie. And I vote for the other dude too.
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