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Are you guys talking about the shoulder to shoulder measurement measured in the same way?
Sleeve pocket seems to be much lower in Derby. Interesting news anyway!
What was against the rules in that post?
I don't think you can delete the whole post by yourself.
Did mods just remove a post from this thread where someone was claiming "we will never get our jackets" and that's why "sizing up doesn't matter"?
How did you find the fit of the cap? I bought mine from somewhere else, but cap is so wide I look like a little boy when I wear it.
Obviously you have some clothes you feel good in. You can try to buy some sort of clothing and not to challenge your self too much. are you confident about your body? Because self confidence comes from inside. You can't buy that.
No, it's a semi dress boot. According to him the specs are: morse9443, on 06 Dec 2013 - 05:09 AM, said: Custom Semi Dress by White's Boots Hardware All Black Eyes, Celastic Toe Box Single Celastic Toe, Midsole Single, Heel Base 90 Degree Blocked off Heel (Traveler), Upper (Shaft) Leather Distressed Rough Out, Toe Cap No Thanks, Toe Vamp Leather Distressed Rough Out, Sole Trim Close Trim, Last Standard, Leather Liner No Thanks, Pull Loops No Thanks, Size - Width E, Toe Bug...
[[SPOILER]]Anyone else got tracking or jacket lately?
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