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I really like the leather of my Acne Oliver. Thick but soft calf.
Awesome T3!
Cocostella, sizing is one size down from you Nike size. I wear 44 or US10 in most Nikes and 43 in Eytys.
Mikey, have you seen the conversation at fuk.co.uk regarding slender fit a2? https://www.fuk.co.uk/threads/buzz_ricksonseastman_etc_topic/2/
What kind of padding it has?
I might have TOJ 4 zip moto for sale. What is your size?
KOY, ever thought of shaving your head?
Distorbiant, what song is yours based on?
In chest panel next to shoulder seam. Maybe it's just shadow or something.
Is there a extra seam or something in front of shoulders of the new model?
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