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I've had Andersen Andersen crewneck. It's was very well made and fairly thick knit. Design is symmetric which might be bit tricky to get used to. I'd say it fits true to size.
Finland seems to be a periphery what comes to menswear / street style. Even though there is logical reasons for that too Finland being slightly colder place than other Scandinavian countries. Any way there's some quite interesting Finnish brands. For example R-collection is a outdoorsy casual brand making very good quality stuff based on Finnish relaxed mentality. Think cottage, camping and stuff like that. From Acne I have bought over sized sweater called Fant. And...
Denmark has many good brands. Norse Projects still has very well made simple products and Han Kjobenhavn has their own bad boy aestethic with bit of a more aggressive fit. At least on par with SNS sweaters Andersen - Andersen makes very simple and stylish fisherman sweaters. Sweden has also Acne Studios. I am happy to own 2 of their leathers and one sweater.
Pit to pit 60cm, back length 86cm, sleeves from centre of the neck 88cm. Is there anything else you would like to know?
For sale is slightly used down jacket with goose down padding. I bought this last winter but it is the same model they sell this year. Condition at least 9/10. In black colorway which is sold out many places. It is deep black which is hard to capture to the camera. I am selling because this has gotten small for me. - 100% Nylon Polartec Neoshell® 3-layer outer fabric - Highly breathable (2L / M² - ISO9237) and fully waterproof to 10,000mm+ - Durable water repellent...
Black chelsea boots MTO available again
Kenzo. There is some sort of small questions thread in this forum though.
I think Snowman pants has more aggressive taper from knee down. I am actually selling a pair of Kline pants and if you want you could come and check them out in Turku.
Snowman pants has pleats in front. Pockets are different too. Fit is different too I guess. Edit: both have pleats in front.
I just received my second Acne Studios Oliver jacket and I have to say I am very happy with them. Leather is grainy in both. It feels sturdy and not fragile at all like some lamb leathers I have. I think the fit is good, true to size. I have noticed one posters of the forum being not impressed about Acne jackets but he have his own spoon in other soups so I think his opinion should be highly suspected.
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