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You should probably wait for summer sales to begin. Have you checked BLK DNM?
I would recommend Acne Studios Oliver jacket.
I really like the leather of my Acne Oliver. Thick but soft calf.
Awesome T3!
Cocostella, sizing is one size down from you Nike size. I wear 44 or US10 in most Nikes and 43 in Eytys.
Mikey, have you seen the conversation at fuk.co.uk regarding slender fit a2? https://www.fuk.co.uk/threads/buzz_ricksonseastman_etc_topic/2/
What kind of padding it has?
I might have TOJ 4 zip moto for sale. What is your size?
KOY, ever thought of shaving your head?
Distorbiant, what song is yours based on?
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