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Kenzo. There is some sort of small questions thread in this forum though.
I think Snowman pants has more aggressive taper from knee down. I am actually selling a pair of Kline pants and if you want you could come and check them out in Turku.
Snowman pants has pleats in front. Pockets are different too. Fit is different too I guess. Edit: both have pleats in front.
I just received my second Acne Studios Oliver jacket and I have to say I am very happy with them. Leather is grainy in both. It feels sturdy and not fragile at all like some lamb leathers I have. I think the fit is good, true to size. I have noticed one posters of the forum being not impressed about Acne jackets but he have his own spoon in other soups so I think his opinion should be highly suspected.
That forrest green looks awesome!
You should probably wait for summer sales to begin. Have you checked BLK DNM?
I would recommend Acne Studios Oliver jacket.
I really like the leather of my Acne Oliver. Thick but soft calf.
Awesome T3!
Cocostella, sizing is one size down from you Nike size. I wear 44 or US10 in most Nikes and 43 in Eytys.
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