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Some of the leathers posted in this thread are Lewis Leathers (blue leather and some rocker dude) not Vanson. And as many guys have mentioned the competition weight is too heavy. I could be interested in lighter weight leather as well. How will the sizing be? MTO means mto sizing or do we choose from the chart?
Where could I get info of the leathers Vanson uses?
It seems so.
Does this differ any way of this https://www.facebook.com/vanson.leathers/photos/pb.194799089984.-2207520000.1397847500./10152236716429985/?type=3&theater besides the lining and removed belt?
Thanks Disto.
Shit. That's pretty serious business then.
Would be cool to see more pictures of worn jackets.
How much does Ebay charge?
No tracking codes.
Saw it in my dream last night.
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