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What kind of padding it has?
I might have TOJ 4 zip moto for sale. What is your size?
KOY, ever thought of shaving your head?
Distorbiant, what song is yours based on?
In chest panel next to shoulder seam. Maybe it's just shadow or something.
Is there a extra seam or something in front of shoulders of the new model?
This could still open the case with PayPal.
Those who have bought spots lately could probably still decline their transactions.
That's just what I've heard fro Charlie. As any of us I have no idea what is the real state of my jacket. It could be true our money has been spent into those leather sofas Drew was so exited about. I ordered dr2010 at july and received it on february but the measurements were off. Guys promised to make me a new jacket and at that point I changed it to dr2013. Now I have been waiting for replacement jacket about half a year.
Would sell my spot immediately but according to Charlie my jacket is ready to be shipped. They just don't ship any jackets.
New Posts  All Forums: