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created by a couple 19 year old university students, I would say they are doing a great job.
Toronto-based apparel collective noir et gris has released its Fall/Winter 2011 lookbook. This season the brand has introduced a couple new cut and sew pieces, a L/S Reversed Fleece Pattern T-Shirt and a Salt & Pepper Fleece Lounge Pant along with their continuous range of oxfords, graphics and ties in chambray and herringbone fabrics. Another key accessory this season are French terry tube scarves, appropriately available in black/grey terry fleece. The entire offering...
Ill give 150 to whoever bought it.
Ransom Black Varsity Jacket Size Medium No Flaws Barely worn Heavyweight Calf Sleeves Open for trades in Small-Medium Wings and Horns, Nom De Guerre, APC, Patrick Ervell etc. Size US 8 In Shoes Offer me anything Or Looking to trade for Small or XS. Or Asking $180.00 OBO Retail was $190+taxes Picture from On and Beyond. More pictures uploaded tonight.
why can't those cp be 40 or 39.
pm sent. get back to me asap.
camo cargos is copped
if those cp were both size 39-40 they would of been SOLD.
beautiful detail on the pant.
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