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Great job, Pingson. That's a pretty strong argument for the flannel three piece.
Well this is going off the rails. Only one thing to do:
This is very true.
Food, whether restaurants or buying of ingredients, is unquestionably the best part of living here. Granted, the whole going four places to get stuff for dinner thing can get old (gotta have a negative in here somewhere, right?).
The prices are very, very fair from what I have seen, especially with the SF discount. Greg, you should do a trunk show in New York for all of us in the city to come by and check it out.
Fair.Lord knows there is no shortage of tangible things to bitch about.Manton, how was your commute this morning?
Absolutely. I actually don't mind snow, it's certainly better than 5 degrees warmer and just being cold rain.
To be safe, we might want to wait until he isn't even in town.
You realize you are on a clothing forum, right?
Brooklyn Heights is stunning. My running route deliberately snakes through there. Not so many restaurants and such, but if you can afford a place there, you can afford a car into Manhattan.There are some very good restaurants in Park Slope. Even better ones in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill in my opinion.
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