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It is a perfect clusterfuck of traffic right now. Wife is in a cab coming from LGA, one hour and counting.
Very nice indeed.
They called it "improved whisky cocktail". Was rye, luxardo, absinthe, sweet vermouth, and angostura bitters. Quite good, but a bit heavy on the absinthe IMO.
Agree. Perhaps a better, "browner" picture would have helped him.VictorElfo is very nice IMO as well. Got a vote from me.
It was good. Also incorporated Luxardo, which is one of my favorite additions to a Manhattan. Was a bit heavy on the absinthe IMO, but definitely enjoyable. The sazerac was not as well made unfortunately. Still good, but not at the same level as their on-menu cocktails.
You know, for some reason, he slipped through the cracks. It is a good fit for sure. I still say Clags ran away with this one, but Kulata is the dark horse for sure. It's a strong fit.
Tonight: Aviation Sazerac Manhattan variation with a bit of Absinthe Sidecar
I understand this.I feel the same about Stone IPA. It is, IMO, *the* reference West-coast IPA. I don't buy or order it frequently because I am usually looking for something more interesting--but I cannot deny its perfection. It's a reference point for all competitors.
That Clags fit seriously is great. Just well done on every front. Suit, shirt, tie, square, shoes... Great all around. Superbly done.
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