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Working on an internal deck, part of which includes an org chart of a particular division of a client. Fine, we already have a Visio diagram for this division, it just needs a bit of tweaking. Get it all filled in and complete. Partner wants to redo it, in Powerpoint format. Just because he doesn't like embedded Visios in Powerpoint. Powerpoint is *terrible* at anything beyond the world's most basic org chart. So I now literally have to manually create and fill in about...
This.The worst is when someone takes up the overhead with their briefcase, or even worse, their jacket.Once was on a flight where someone did this. Someone else gently moved his laptop bag over (put it upright rather than lying on its side) and the guy lost it--screaming about how no one could touch his stuff, etc. They ended up having to throw him off the plane, which of course made us even more delayed.
It's got nothing to do with a welcome the board--it's got everything to do with showing up, not bothering to search, and asking a question that has been answered hundreds of times, most recently last week. Then getting offended when people point you to those other answers.Add to that the general snottishness of his posts, and it's no wonder he was received like he was.
That video should be a prime example of your argument re: anarcho-fascism. The guy driving the car will probably be prosecuted for hit and run, reckless driving, etc, and the mob of motorcyclists that broke his window, dragged him out onto the street and beat him senseless will probably get away scot-free.
I'm in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill. Which makes it even stranger. Seems about as far as you could get from a biker-friendly neighborhood, but there they are nonetheless.To be fair, I don't often see huge packs like in that video--it's usually 3-4 guys on bikes with straight-piped exhaust cruising up and down Smith and Carroll streets and bombing down the side streets. Actually saw a couple big packs like that yesterday, but there was a big street fair on Atlantic Ave...
I was having a shitty day, but this thread has cheered me up substantially. Nothing like a good laugh.
I'm honestly curious what would happen, legally, had he done something like this. Could he claim self defense?
I'm just pleased the police were *trying* to stop them. Asshats like this cruise around my neighborhood all the time, and I've never seen any indication that the police care at all.
Not to mention the dickery of going into a quite area and loudly talking on the phone. What an asshole.
Theyll probably just give it all out as bonuses to MTA employees. If the MTA had a mission statement, I am sure it would read "To provide maximal lifetime income and benefits to MTA employees" rather than "To provide effective public transit for the New York City metropolitan area."
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