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Has she complimented your hair? Also, I presume you are not slumming it in jeans and t-shirt again?
I really need to try cask aging some Manhattans. Wait, scratch that. Wife would murder me.
Hahahaha nice. Great show. Does she still look like a little girl or has she gotten hot?
Aviation cocktail. Well, minus the creme de violette. Aint got time for that noise. Even minus that, great cocktail. The gin and the Luxardo really play off each other very well.
Exact same. Found my best fitting trousers which happened to be from an older pair of suit trousers. Ordered chinos to keep initial investment low, tweaking where needed (slimmed out a bit since they are chinos and not suit pants, etc). Actually mine ended up being a combination of multiple pants--rise from one, thigh from another, etc. Hence the spreadsheet to keep it all straight. Really, about the same as my shirt ordering process.
Pretty sure that is not uncommon these days. As sad as that is.
Definitely find your best fitting pair(s) and go based on that. Tweak where needed. I've got an intense spreadsheet I am using to track my existing pants alongside my Luxire pents so I can compare and tweak over time as I make more orders.
Forget that; wife is out of town, I gotta eat as much pork as I can.
Update: Have acquired large amounts of bacon and pork belly for pork festivities this weekend. Have deboned pork belly; forgot to ask butcher to do it for me. Now have pork belly and some spare ribs. Must figure out how to cook the handful of spare ribs. Will likely just braise along with the belly. Belly is brining in the fridge; made a pretty damn good batch of dan dan mian for dinner. Closest I have come yet to recreating the noodles at Szechuan Gourmet, my favorite.
How did I miss this the first time through?Nominated for the SF Great Quotes Thread.
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