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Entirely possible!This is probably what it is.
I had the foie gras supplement at Per Se and it was maybe one of the best things I have ever eaten, so the experience definitely varies. I didn't feel it was underseasoned. Gome hit the nail on the head. Clearly they are able to sell plenty of wine at those prices, and it is unquestionably a well chosen list and pairs very well with the food, it just feels insulting to pay that kind of money for bottle you can walk into Crush or Chambers St Wine any day of the week and...
I do very much want a Stark. Will see if it's in the budget this winter.
Definitely going to try for this one. Will see what client schedule is like, but this is interesting for sure.
I've never been to FL (well, never eaten there I guess) but I have eaten at Per Se, and I will say, while it was the best meal of my life, I wouldn't go back unless someone else was paying. The wine list is a giant middle finger to the diner. 500%+ markups on widely available recent bottles.
I have no problem drinking either whiskey or brandy without a cigar.
Switch to whiskey.
Should have known from the salmon cornet! Glad you enjoyed it!
As is your right.Still looks bad, though.
A job is *bondage*? Unless you are an indentured servant, you are doing it voluntarily. No one is forcing you--don't like it? Quit. What a completely ridiculous assertion. I don't even know what his solution to this "problem" is supposed to be--presumably he wants the government to pay everyone to just sit at home all the time?
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