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WHAT Didn't see that one coming. I loved his books growing up.
I didn't notice that... That is hilarious.
I think it would depend on the shade of chestnut. However, you have to allow *some* shades of brown--if you get rid of all of them you're left with 1) non-cap-toes, no matter the color, and 2) odd colors, which are just bleh IMO.
Im very excited to see these sport coats, I must say. Hopefully the production issues can be sorted out.
Very nice, HF.
Guys, I have it all figured out. Mickael.... . . . . . . Is Vox. Love that he went back, changed his avatar, and deleted his old posts.
That is awful, I'm sorry.
Yes, it is free enterprise. No one is forcing you to work anywhere. So explain to me how it is bondage? But I suppose a system where you require long unpaid apprenticeships, thus locking you into one job forever and preventing you from ever being able to actually change careers is much more free. To say nothing of the long, unpaid apprenticeship itself.
I'd donate.Just about everything I've seen short of this guy's family has been pretty supportive of the car driver. This could clearly be selection bias though.I don't know why this whole thing has gotten me so worked up, but it really has. All kinds of crazy, terrible stuff happens every day and I have no problem with ignoring it, but for some reason, this just sets me off.
OK, Matt's mention of it made me realize that the oysters and pearls were in fact way better than the foie. Which was still delicious, but oysters and pearls was unbelievable.
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