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Andrew Lock, who is an SFer, is in New York and does a great job on MTM suits. He has made me two suits, both of which came out very well. Kent Wang also has a small showroom here where you can get fitted and look at fabrics. Both seem to fit your criteria very well. Also as mentioned, Ercole does MTM, though I'm not sure of the price. Steed does MTM when they come to town, though the price is a bit above $1500 and it's not full-canvas. You do get to choose from their...
Better stock up on some Inverallan.
Just going to leave this here--a curated selection of some particularly choice Yelp reviews. http://www.theinfatuation.com/features/welp-august-2014 “I don’t understand why my group of 16 can’t come spend six hours getting hammered in your restaurant.”
The true secret to boat-ownership happiness right there.
Supposed to be 91 on Wednesday. This neatly corresponds with Manton's return to the city.
Navy or grey. I'd go navy in that case--the grey looks a little tweed-y, which is slightly at odds with its more formal styling. Still, you couldn't go wrong with either. Worth mentioning though that it depends on your usage--both of those coats are on the formal side. Go well with a suit, or a coat and tie--less so with more casual officewear. If you're dressing more towards the casual end of the spectrum mostly (i.e. no tie), I'd look for something less formal--the...
Very nice.
Yeah, seems like your shoulders are pulled way back, though it could just be the photo.If they are, and if that's your natural stance, I have a hard time imagining much anything short of bespoke is going to fit well.
Yeah, I'm 5'8", 150lbs and skinny, and M is *almost* too tight on me.
Yeah, but then you'd have to live in Cambodia.
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