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Huh. Never heard of that, either.I'm just about the least knowledgeable person in the world about pop culture.Edit: I googled her, and I will say, she is... attractive.
The first step and all that?No, just kidding, it will never get better.Was in Tokyo a few weeks ago and was blown away by how well the transit system in Japan works. Was just embarrassed at the nonsense we deal with.
For someone who doesn't care, you sure spend a lot of time trying to justify yourself.Look, troll-baiting aside and in all seriousness, there are norms in any community, anywhere. The same is true here. You walked in, disregarded those norms, but then more importantly, took offense when this was pointed out and then proceeded to post a bunch of similar things elsewhere anyways. How did you expect this was going to be greeted with anything but hostility?Further, for someone...
Really... I'm surprised about the Cutty Sark. Last time I had some of that it was.... Not pleasant. Tasted like rubbing alcohol with fake Scotch "flavoring" in it if I recall.Agree that JW Black is a good blend, and is also what I reach for if buying a blend.
I understand--I was responding more to the comment that people start dropping out once it comes time to pay. People saying they are in and people paying are different things--but it seems like it was never a problem for this order, which is great.
What you need is some combination of a crowdfunding and escrow-like service where people have to commit money up front to be included in such a group buy. If it clears the funding level, the money is released to be sent to the manufacturer. If not, it gets returned. So yeah, basically crowdfunding, but for private groups.
I switched to Android from iOS on my personal phone (went to Nexus 5) and love it. Android may have been rough and unpolished a few years ago, but the newest versions are IMO more usable than iOS.
Over/under on how long before DaprMensFashion is banned? I give it about half an hour. Gotta give the mods time to get to it.
Rudals is rapidly turning into one of my favorite posters. He gets the humor here, that's for sure.Edit: Thread paged over and I am an idiot and thought this was current. Sorry to re-derail the thread guys.
Tell me about it.My wife works for (what used to be) a tech startup. In their earlier days, the developers were perfectly happy working/partying/whatever until 2AM and not coming in until lunchtime.I mean, I'd much rather start my day early and get shit done, but to each his own I suppose.
New Posts  All Forums: