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Very nice--that's a lot quicker than I thought.Didn't realize that about the double boiler, but makes total sense.It'd be tempting to plug the thing into a timer switch so that it turns on every morning a few minutes before you wake up.Aeropress does make a damn fine cup of coffee, too.
A *bit* pretentious? The first one seriously has a chair that looks like it was placed specifically to facilitate sitting and pondering the lines of your vintage Maserati.
How long does it take the Rancilio to heat up and be ready to brew? How long does it take you to brew a shot? And what's the cleanup time like? I've always wanted one, but figured that the setup time each morning would be enough to prevent me from doing it when I'm still in a fog or rushed. Seems to me like you really have to drink a lot of espresso to make a good home machine worth it. Not to say I don't still want one...
Phew, crisis averted.
Ah, I've only ever messed up my lower back. Still, it's the worst. Can you still lift a martini glass?
Nice. Good looking dog.
That sucks, back problems are the worst. If you're still wearing a suit today, that's dedication. How did you get your shoes laced up?
Very nice. How old is she?
I fucking *hate* moths. My condolences.
Andrew Lock, who is an SFer, is in New York and does a great job on MTM suits. He has made me two suits, both of which came out very well. Kent Wang also has a small showroom here where you can get fitted and look at fabrics. Both seem to fit your criteria very well. Also as mentioned, Ercole does MTM, though I'm not sure of the price. Steed does MTM when they come to town, though the price is a bit above $1500 and it's not full-canvas. You do get to choose from their...
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