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See, I've always felt that tropical wool wears very warm because it doesn't breathe. I'm wearing a pair of pents today in a tropical wool (don't know the specific fabric, Howard Yount so probably some sort of VBC if I had to guess) and they wear much warmer than their weight would indicate. They look pretty good and drape decently, but theyre just a bit stifling, especially when it's humid.Could just be that I've never worn the good stuff. Still, the breathability of...
My wife did one of those a few months back and really enjoyed it as well.
I've got the mid-grey version of that fabric, and it wears quite warm. Warmer than I expected given the open weave.It's definitely a Fall/Winter fabric IMO. I'd go lighter for a three-season suit.
I look forward to being old enough to wear a double breasted suit without looking like I'm playing dressup.
Dude must have been loaded to be able to drink like that at Bemelman's.
At lots of Krispy Kremes, you can get the normal donuts hot out of the fryer. When they are like that, it's incredible.That big hype a few years ago about them was weird though, I'll grant you that.
There are so many fucked up things about that story that I don't even know where to start.
I grew up on Krispy Kreme, myself. Not a fan of Dunkin Donuts. Everything always tastes stale and flat.
No, it just helps us cope.
You should post this in the wine and the New York Sucks threads, could probably find someone to help you drink them.
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