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Pretty cool hotel, but that doesn't surprise me too much. It's not exactly cutting edge, and they have a somewhat captive audience.Pretty decent restaurant there though.Side bar: when we stayed there, my wife woke up at 2AM convinced that someone was standing in the corner watching us. I think she'd just watched too much of The Shining on the CCTV.
I pay more to air condition my ~750 sq ft apartment in New York than my parents do to cool their ~3,500 sq ft house in North Carolina. It really shocked me when I first moved here, but as with all the other expensive things here, you get used to it.
So, here's the thing--a lavender shirt will never be CBD. Nor will a bright orange tie, nor a multi-stripe shirt like the last one. Realistically, nor will a plaid suit.CBD is pretty simple--a solid (possibly a tasteful pinstripe in some situations) blue or grey suit, a solid white or light blue shirt (or possibly a bengal or pencil stripe as pB mentioned), and a muted tie (basically, navy, dark green, navy, maybe burgundy, navy, maybe black in some cases) in a simple...
Looks busy, and not a big fan of the shirt or tie. Would also not consider this CBD given the multi-stripe shirt.
We seriously need a sticky or something with a compilation of Huntsman's cocktails. That one also looks great.
I updated it to make it a bit more accurate:
Thanks, may give this a try.Does the powder not leave a mark on the tie?
Salad dressing on my brand new tie, the FIRST time I wear it. FML.
It is pizza in name only. It's really more of a savory pie that involves many of the same ingredients.Pedantry aside, it is tasty, though.
This is the important bit, here.I've come full 180 and now much prefer pleats on all of my pents.
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