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Y'all are all insane. Black captoes are classic. If you wear even moderately CBD suits, they pair perfectly. No one is going to see them and think you are heading to a funeral, or wearing mismatched levels of formality. I have one pair, and am actively looking for another. If you never wear suits, don't get a pair. Otherwise, they are as versatile as it gets. Hell, in a pinch you can even spit-shine them and wear them with a tux.
I love that all of the pictures he took have "Copy Right" text written on them, while he shamelessly swipes dozens of other photos.
My first thought was SS, but that's not like any SS I've ever seen--but I don't shop there, so what do I know.Looks good though, really like the higher rise.
Where's the suit from, @timotune? Looks different than your usual.
Not in the good parts of SC you can't.
We've got friends with a baby who loves avocado.We were watching her once and had some guacamole that she just loved. She, at all of 8 months old, housed an entire avocado's worth of guacamole.She then proceeded to projectile vomit avocado vomit all over her mother in back of the car about 30 minutes later. It was like a fountain of bright green.#DrunkOnGuac #NeverForget
Inclined to agree.But more importantly, holy smokes, that's some good looking fabric.
See, I've always felt that tropical wool wears very warm because it doesn't breathe. I'm wearing a pair of pents today in a tropical wool (don't know the specific fabric, Howard Yount so probably some sort of VBC if I had to guess) and they wear much warmer than their weight would indicate. They look pretty good and drape decently, but theyre just a bit stifling, especially when it's humid.Could just be that I've never worn the good stuff. Still, the breathability of...
My wife did one of those a few months back and really enjoyed it as well.
I've got the mid-grey version of that fabric, and it wears quite warm. Warmer than I expected given the open weave.It's definitely a Fall/Winter fabric IMO. I'd go lighter for a three-season suit.
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