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Gah, fatfinger, sorry, meant to type 530.
I've got a suit made in the heavy darkish-mid-grey Fresco (0530 I believe?). Jury is still out on whether I love the fabric or not. Some days I do, some I don't. I like texture, but some days I wonder if this one is a bit much. I do think the weight will make it a good 3-season fabric so long as it's not below zero and windy.
Pay is fairly consistent, at least at the top players. MBB pays a bit more, but Booz and Deloitte S&O aren't far behind from what I understand.As for culture, it depends on the firm. I'd imagine the non-MBB firms are doing a bit less pie-in-the-sky strategic stuff and thus have a bit less of a collegiate atmosphere, but from what I understand, even MBB are doing some more operational work nowadays, and it's honestly probably a good thing.Anyways, I would say 1) yes, it's...
Well that was just a spectacularly, impressively terrible commute. Had to take the F > D > A > G to get home. Took an hour and a half. The A train was so crowded that a fistfight broke out in my car over people trying to cram in. It was by far the most crowded platform I have ever seen. God I love the MTA.
If I recall, and perhaps he will show up to correct us, he was working for the consulting division of another company, like an HP or something like that.
Very much depends on what type of work you are trying to do.And define "no point"--at what point in your career? Compared to what? Are you a Rhodes scholar weighing options from MBB, Goldman, and a HF or PE firm or two? Probably not. Otherwise, there is almost certainly merit in considering it if you don't get into a MBB.Unfortunately there's no simple answer there.I will say that if you are coming out of school and are set on consulting, I would absolutely apply to at...
That's awfully self-aware of you.It seems like a much more practical alternative to a several-thousand-dollar wood burning oven to me. I like to tinker with pizza, but get tired of trying to trick my home oven into getting hot enough, heating up the house, etc. Seems like something like that is the perfect alternative.That makes sense re: a dinner party. Seems like the kinda thing you'd have to do very casually, not as a sit-down type affair.
How do you like it? I really want one of those.
It's summer, the Stupid Tourist Quotient is greatly increased.
Apparently Martin isn't writing an episode for season 5 as he has for previous seasons so that he can focus on finishing TWoW. http://winteriscoming.net/2014/07/26/george-r-r-martin-wont-writing-episode-season-5-talks-winds-winter-prologue/ All I can say is... Thank God.
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