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That is seriously sketchy and scammy.
That's pretty cool. I wonder how accurate it is.
Yeah, not nearly as humid. Actually cooled off some overnight too, so we got a bit of a break from it.
Actual measurements of the sweltering subway platforms: http://www.wnyc.org/story/87232-how-hot-is-it-on-nycs-subway-platforms-so-hot/ "On a day when the temperature outside was 92 degrees, it was 106 degrees on the uptown platform of the 1,2,3 line at Times Square."
Yeah, I tried that to no avail. The flight is over Christmas, so I'm guessing they know they have a somewhat captive audience.
Flights for a Christmas trip with the family went up by $150 a pop over the weekend. This trip is getting very pricey.
Moving abroad can be a very, very hard experience. People glamorize it, but it's very challenging. Traveling somewhere different and living somewhere different are two very different things.I spent about 9 months in Germany in college, and while an incredible experience, it was very difficult--felt lonely, confused, and completely out of place. And this was in Western Europe--I imagine it's 10x worse to move to an Asian country, especially one that is, shall we say, not...
Little bit of spam in GC. Flagged some of it, but too much to flag it all.
Yeah, shared backyard isn't ideal. Still, I'd love to have a grill.
I hate you.
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