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Yeah, I mean, it is naturally a bit textured, but I like that. It's a pretty hard wearing cloth from what I understand--note that I do not own a Fresco suit--yet anyways, I have one on the way. Really like the fabric.
This explains why the Tesla has been selling so well there--I believe I read somewhere that Tesla outsold all Fords combined last year, and sold double the next most popular car, some VW.
More importantly, the tie space on the shirt is atrocious. Looks like a Jos A Bank reject.
I think @msulinski did a MTM with Kent. Was Minnis Fresco as well, IIRC.
This is very impressive, guys.
SB and Slewfoot running away with this one so far. I do think some of these would look better in person than in picture. You lose a lot of the texture in the photos.
No, this is the most ridiculous part of that statement:I *wish* my health insurance cost me only 2%, and my benefits are pretty damn good.
Looks like no real damage, so they just need a good shine. There are several guides around here--a quick search should find all you need.
Fang has been in my blocklist for quite a while. Just about everything he posts is like that. This one is particularly bad. He's cruising for a banning at this rate.
They are owned by different companies, which can be confusing. Luckily, they all accepted the same payment card (which, surprise surprise, was better than the crappy metro cards), and they all connected, so it didn't really matter.It was a bit more expensive, but not much-I think we generally paid around $2.40 per ride. They do have zone based metering, so if you lived further out, that may be true.
New Posts  All Forums: