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As do I. I sometimes wish I smoked though just so I could carry around a fucking sweet lighter and cigarette case.
Wow. I had that exact same watch. Was my grandfathers. Loved it.And then some motherfuckers broke into my apartment about 8 months ago and stole it
This. Unless your suits/jackets are made of tissue paper, they wont wrinkle too bad as long as you dont fold them up super small. Just try to fold them as few times as possible (for me, that's arms across the body, then once in half) and put them in the bottom of the suitcase. Then hang them up as soon as you get in. Never had a problem with it.I wouldn't do the bathroom trick because I'd be worried about puckering, but I've honestly never needed it.
You're wearing a coat and tie to work in a lab on an island so sparsely populated that it doesn't even have an iron? I mean, I really like wearing coat and tie, but I don't think I'd be wearing either in such an environment. FWIW, I agree with SB. The pants are the problem here.
I have to say, I do not get pumpkin ales. Have never had one that I enjoyed. Always seem muddy, heavy-handed, and one-dimensional.
The wait at Lucali isn't too bad if you can go early on an off night. Luckily, we live just a couple of blocks away, so if you head home from work a bit early (or go on a holiday weekend) you can get in right when they open without too much of a problem. Honestly, the best thing at Lucali isn't even the pizza, it's the calzones. There are easily a dozen other places in the city that make pizza just as good as Lucali's, but their calzones are out of this world. Best thing...
Lucali is unquestionably in the top tier of pizza in this city, but I'd certainly not say it's the best.
Gothamist headlines are the best of all. The snark level frequently reaches absurd levels. It was particularly enjoyable during the depths of last winter.
Damn, I was going to do the same analysis tonight but you beat me to it. Seriously though, thanks.
Really like the soft briefcase, hope this works out. Good luck!
New Posts  All Forums: