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Thanks guys--sounds like the 516 is the way to go. Planning for a blazer-suit, so glad to hear it works well there too.
I lost that auction for the lot of madder ties last week by $2.50. It was le sigh.
I'm an idiot and can't seem to find it--what's the email address for more detailed questions?
On topic, it was super muggy today. I sweat more than I have since, oh, Tuesday. This week was killer.
Fuck. Everything. About. This.Also, Texas sucks.
Made a dry version of the infamous White Martini. 2.5oz gin, .25oz each Luxardo and Lillet, 2 dashes orange bitters, with a twist of lemon. Very tasty. Now drinking a Martinez, which somehow I have never had. Very nice--I'm a big fan of Manhattans, and it's somewhere in the middle, which I like.
I'd wear it. Maybe not strictly CBD, but I'd definitely wear it.
Nice.I love my Panasonic 20mm pancake. Fantastic travel lens. Haven't really had any issues with focus, but I hardly stress it.
Is 579 the Fresco II book?Am going to have a navy fresco suit made up soon, and have been debating just which one to get. Was debating between 516 and 520. Worried that 520 won't be suitable for a business suit, but I do love the color. Don't want anything midnight blue, though.
Been having the same problem. Seems to work in Firefox.I've been meaning to try tinkering with my plugins to see if it's something there.
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