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Losing weight like that at older ages always makes me think they are sick.
Gah, yes, sorry. Thanks GF.I didn't report those just because there were so, so many of them.
FYI huge deluge of spam in the Food & Drink forum...
That tuxedo is absolutely gorgeous. The vest is incredible, and the lapels on the coat are unreal.
Movers are the best money anyone can ever spend. It's incredible how quickly some of those guys can load and unload boxes, furniture, etc. Will never do it myself again.
It looks like SpaceX successfully landed the first stage from their launch yesterday: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/457307742495993856 Very cool stuff. This is a big step forward.
I'm sure it's Passover related. Although I am curious what the stink he caused was about.
Yep.For that price, you may even be able to get bespoke. If you're in New York, sometimes Carl at CEGO will waive the minimum to make you a wedding shirt.
You should just retire after that, it's impossible to achieve higher.
Yeah, I mean, it is naturally a bit textured, but I like that. It's a pretty hard wearing cloth from what I understand--note that I do not own a Fresco suit--yet anyways, I have one on the way. Really like the fabric.
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