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Very nice, another good data point. Did the fabric feel too lightweight?How much did the W Bill end up running you if you don't mind my asking?
Wow, those fit great. Any tricks?
Reaaaaaly. This is very nice. Come fall, one of those W Bill brown Donegals is going to be mine.OK, good to hear from someone who owns it.
Looking for a solid tan fabric for a summer SC, probably something like linen. Any suggestions? TR9031 in the "Classic Spring/Summer 2015" book was a thought, but I'm really worried at the very light weight (~6.5oz). The Italian Spring/Summer book has one or two as well, but they are mostly silk, which I worry will wear very warm.
Believe it was the G--will need to double check. Hoping so, because looking to order another pair soon if I can get it wider.
Nice, missed this. Will shoot him a PM as well.I ordered a pair of MTO Vass from No Man Walks Alone on the F last in a wide. Their "normal" wide is still a bit snug for me, so looking to see what else I can do. Gorgeous shoes though.
Good deal on the VBC. Bought the cream mohair, and a couple of the S120 2-plys. Would have picked up a bunch of flannels too, but I need summer-weight things much more right now.
Same, it wasnt so bad this AM. Tomorrow will be a treat, though--all that melt is going to freeze up solid.
Agree, last year was frigid for much longer.The pattern this year is soul-destroying, though.That said, my suede chukkas have actually been holding up well with a coat of water/stain repellent. Granted, they are already beaters, so no big risk there if I pull a gome and step in a hidden slush lake.
Chelsea Market makes me want to do murder.
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