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Thank you--I may have to take you up on that.
Ah! Thanks! It does look nicer there--very summery. Yet another example of the difficulty of using swatches...Well now I'm just conflicted
Thanks, very helpful.
Yeah, I'm inclined to agree with both of these. Which I suppose answers my own question.It looked less so in person. Definitely well textured, which is good.Thanks for the input guys.
Greg is folding up shop because revenues declined so much while you were gone.(I kid, I kid)
Epic hat.
Nice, was just thinking of ordering a pair of that fabric for summer. How accurate is the swatch on the website? Looks much more grey in your picture.
Thoughts on a fabric like this (the blue w/ red windowpane) for a summer SC? Am a bit worried that 1) it wouldn't be business appropriate, and 2) the red windowpane might make it too loud to wear often without seeming like I'm always wearing "that" jacket. It's a linen/wool blend.
Our bathrooms at work are like that. Pisses me off.
That is an impressive number of calories for one meal.I can't eat like that at night--I can't sleep if I eat that much when I get home.
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