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We seriously need a sticky or something with a compilation of Huntsman's cocktails. That one also looks great.
I updated it to make it a bit more accurate:
Thanks, may give this a try.Does the powder not leave a mark on the tie?
Salad dressing on my brand new tie, the FIRST time I wear it. FML.
It is pizza in name only. It's really more of a savory pie that involves many of the same ingredients.Pedantry aside, it is tasty, though.
This is the important bit, here.I've come full 180 and now much prefer pleats on all of my pents.
Unbelievably humid again today.
Yeah it is.
Thanks guys--sounds like the 516 is the way to go. Planning for a blazer-suit, so glad to hear it works well there too.
I lost that auction for the lot of madder ties last week by $2.50. It was le sigh.
New Posts  All Forums: