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Spent last week on the coast of Maine, where it was perfect weather--upper 70s, low humidity--all week long. Come back to 92 degrees and humid. No amount of linen is comfortable in this, and I am wearing it head to toe. I'm even slumming it today and not wearing a tie.
Trousers need some work--bunching up under the seat and not falling cleanly. Jacket looks pretty good--could be cleaned up across the back though.
+1.Also, AE is about all I can wear with my EEE width feet. FML.
I'm tempted to try one, mostly because I have a terrible back and have never found a sleeping pad that didn't leave me in excruciating pain for half the night.
Those are some serious ninja-level skills right there. Well done.
Agreed.A smaller, less bold stripe would be great there... Just not that one.
Other things that piss me off: When you come back to SF after a few weeks away and everyone has changed their avatars and you have no idea who anyone is anymore. Goddammit guys, stop changing them.
Do you really use all those knives? I have a chefs, paring, bread, and boning knife, and pretty much only ever use the chef's. I would like a cleaver, though.
It's pretty close to the front of my mind recently, yes.
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