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No, it just helps us cope.
You should post this in the wine and the New York Sucks threads, could probably find someone to help you drink them.
I hear their chambray is great.
For real. I'm betting that guy sells out within a day.
Greg, are any of the Vass on a wider last, or might you be able to order them in wider sizes? They are gorgeous, but my EE feet aren't likely to fit in them I'm afraid.
I'm trying to push for several options and letting each groomsman pick--if that's the case, the Hober might still be in the running.
Didn't know about the sale, will get in touch with him--thanks.The Hober one (presume you are talking about this one? http://www.samhober.com/macclesfield-print-silk-ties/macclesfield-printed-silk-tie-145.html) is in the running--unfortunately he only has enough for three ties, so we're going to need other options as well.
Thanks--some great stuff in here to give me some more ideas.Completely agree on all points, but I think we burned up most of our political capital convincing her to let him dress like a grown-ass man. I'll wear a yellow tie if I have to. I just need to find one that's not terrible.Agree, I just know lots of folks are going to balk at the price. The grenadine is looking more likely at this point.
He probably wears shorts, and drinks beer, too.
Thanks--good to know.
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