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The grocery store in our neighborhood is being bulldozed to make way for (yet more) condos and high-end retail. I guess I'm supposed to buy organic free-range bullshit-buzzword-of-the-month milk at $10/gallon from specialty shops now. I'd better get a fucking picture of the cow it came from along with it.
FWIW, I love my GF1. It's small enough that I will actually carry it with me, takes great photos, and the 20mm f1.7 pancake lens is a fantastic piece of glass. I won't claim that m4/3 specifically is the way of the future, but I do think that more compact sensors are. I'd love one of the Sony full-frame compacts, but 1) I don't shoot enough to be able to justify that kind of money, and 2) the lens selection is garbage. I agree that it's worth spending money on the lenses...
As if to drive this home, I waited 45 minutes for an F train I could fit on this morning.Actually, I didn't even get one. I ended up taking the G backwards into Brooklyn and then taking the A/C in.
This.Your best bet IMO is to knock it out of the park for a year, get some good experience, then try to transfer to another firm.Once you are in with a firm, it's hard to get a big raise like you're looking for.
F train derailed. I am sure the evening commute will be an absolute disaster. Of course it's the F train. It's always the goddamn F train.
I am still wearing flannels and tweed. Where is spring?
Really... Where are you buying from?
Very cool, never heard of these guys. Seems like they are hard to get ahold of outside of Japan and Korea.Wish I'd known about them when I was in Japan a few weeks ago...
I love me some James Bond, and as a kid, it was one of the first things that got me into tailored menswear, trying to figure out why Sean Connery's suits looked so great but most suits I saw didn't.That said, the Daniel Craig clothing has been utter garbage ever since they left Brioni after Casino Royale. Even that one wasn't much for inspiration, but at least it fit him. Skyfall was particularly bad.
Well there you go. It's pretty awesome regardless. I hope they are super successful, they are gorgeous suits.
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