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Snowing. Yet again. Spring is never coming.
Got it, very helpful. Would need to be able to wear this for work (though admittedly not for client meetings), so maybe something like the W Bill would be more appropriate.Many thanks!
Very nice, another good data point. Did the fabric feel too lightweight?How much did the W Bill end up running you if you don't mind my asking?
Wow, those fit great. Any tricks?
Reaaaaaly. This is very nice. Come fall, one of those W Bill brown Donegals is going to be mine.OK, good to hear from someone who owns it.
Looking for a solid tan fabric for a summer SC, probably something like linen. Any suggestions? TR9031 in the "Classic Spring/Summer 2015" book was a thought, but I'm really worried at the very light weight (~6.5oz). The Italian Spring/Summer book has one or two as well, but they are mostly silk, which I worry will wear very warm.
Believe it was the G--will need to double check. Hoping so, because looking to order another pair soon if I can get it wider.
Nice, missed this. Will shoot him a PM as well.I ordered a pair of MTO Vass from No Man Walks Alone on the F last in a wide. Their "normal" wide is still a bit snug for me, so looking to see what else I can do. Gorgeous shoes though.
Good deal on the VBC. Bought the cream mohair, and a couple of the S120 2-plys. Would have picked up a bunch of flannels too, but I need summer-weight things much more right now.
Same, it wasnt so bad this AM. Tomorrow will be a treat, though--all that melt is going to freeze up solid.
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