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Yeah, grill pans are basically worthless in my experience. Especially on something like a steak, where you want the deep browning across the full surface. Not enough surface contact--everything not touching one of the raised lines is cooking basically through radiation, and there just isn't that much heat transfer there.At this point, I think I prefer cooking my steaks in a pan to on the grill because of the level of crust you can easily get.
Serious Eats did a sous vide steak guide a month or two back. Their "Food Lab" pieces are generally pretty good.http://www.seriouseats.com/2015/06/food-lab-complete-guide-to-sous-vide-steak.html
Speaking of having just bought a CX-5, we will actually be looking for a second car here in the very near future. Wanted to see if there was anything from this crowd that I should really be considering. Here’s the use case: Mostly will be used for commuting—i.e. needs to be economical, both for gas and maintenance Needs some amount of practicality—would like to be able to get a bike in the back (seats can be down—not likely to be a problem with most 4-door cars). Needs...
Wife and I bought a CX-5 about three months ago and love it. Drives better than a CUV has any right to, and yet still has all the practicality of that class (size, ride height, etc). We ended up with the highest trim level, and it's very nice inside as well--maybe not a Lexus, but *way* above your average econobox.Happy to answer any questions about it.
It was touch and go there for a bit, but I made it through.
I am. Trying to distract myself from the rivers of sweat running down my legs and back while we wait for this thing to get started.
Outdoor, daytime wedding. In June. In Georgia. With no shade. And the wedding is late getting started. No amount of linen and fresco can handle this.
Definitely a good storm yesterday. Didn't bother me at all, cooled things off, and we needed the rain. Am hoping it will wash away some of the ridiculous levels of accumulated pollen and particulate matter that have been floating around the last few weeks. Also, my car really needed to be washed, so now maybe less so?
I think it's because New York is probably one of the few cities in the US where a blind person could have some semblance of independence and still get around. Most places require a car to get around, which means you will either be homebound or rely on someone driving you.
Is this actually an Uber service, or an Uber-like service though another company? Have heard of a company ValetAnywhere that does this, but hadn't heard that Uber was doing anything like this. Seems like a brilliant idea honestly, as long as you can sort the insurance/liability issue. I'd consider it for sure.
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