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Yeah, but doesn't it just rain most of the time?
Basically, this. In most higher-end or up-and coming neighborhoods, within a few years, rents will likely go up to the point you can't afford to live there anymore, leading a never-ending move further out.I agree that buying in New York makes little sense from a purely financial standpoint--but the New York market is unlike any other, and if you are a long-term resident not in a rent-stabilized unit who wants to stay in the same or similar neighborhoods, chances are that...
That's why you really need a place that's either on or has access to a lake or pond.Sit in the sun, and it's quite warm--get too warm, and either jump in the lake or merely step into the shade, where it is a pleasing mid-70s temperature.But yeah, you're generally not jumping into the ocean there, even if it gets really hot. At least not this time of year.It was so refreshing being able to sit outside without wanting to die. And at night, it'd get cool enough to have a...
Spent last week on the coast of Maine, where it was perfect weather--upper 70s, low humidity--all week long. Come back to 92 degrees and humid. No amount of linen is comfortable in this, and I am wearing it head to toe. I'm even slumming it today and not wearing a tie.
Trousers need some work--bunching up under the seat and not falling cleanly. Jacket looks pretty good--could be cleaned up across the back though.
+1.Also, AE is about all I can wear with my EEE width feet. FML.
I'm tempted to try one, mostly because I have a terrible back and have never found a sleeping pad that didn't leave me in excruciating pain for half the night.
Those are some serious ninja-level skills right there. Well done.
Agreed.A smaller, less bold stripe would be great there... Just not that one.
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