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The fresco books are very suit-centric. The blue frescos make good blazers, but that's about it.
Huge Marine helicopter makes emergency landing on California beach. In front of Kenny Loggins, who happens to be on said beach. Who then films it, and makes puns about the Danger Zone. http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/heres-video-of-that-massive-helicopter-that-landed-on-a-1698204376 Basically the greatest thing ever.
Sorry to hear that, that really sucks.
Surprise, it's supposed to rain tomorrow.
Beat me to it.Manton, when are you getting back? Want to know how long we have to enjoy this before winter returns.
It's the little thumbs-up thing at the bottom right of each post.Why we're suddenly getting emails about though is a good question. Suppose there's a way to disable that.
Our very own @Slewfoot was interviewed on the latest I'll Drink to That podcast: http://illdrinktothatpod.com/ Only about halfway through it at this point, but definitely worth a listen.
No lie.
Interesting thought--I could see that.
No one is saying Tom Ford suits are crap, they are saying the fit of these particular Tom Ford suits on Daniel Craig is atrocious, which makes them look like crap.These may look a teeny, tiny, almost indistinguishable bit better than those in Skyfall, but they are still unbelievably bad looking. Not only from a fit perspective, but from a taste perspective as well. A black self-stripe peak lapel suit? *shudder*QoS was indeed better than Skyfall, but still pretty bad....
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