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It really depends on what the task is. If it's incredibly annoying, messy, time consuming, or requires significant skill, I'll hire someone for sure. If it's something straightforward, its probably easier to just do it myself, and I sometimes find it relaxing to do something concrete and hands-on like that.As an example: Sand and refinish floors, or anything involving in-wall plumbing? Fuck no, that's a mess, and I'm not spending a week crawling around on the floor....
Have made ricotta before, its pretty simple, though I can buy much better (and cheaper, actually) than I can make. Did it once for the novelty. There are some things I'd rather pay someone to do for me, and straining cheese curds is one of them.
Crazy, that sucks Manton. Was this recent? Wish I had something to contribute to yalls evening of debauchery, enjoy though.
Yeah, wishful thinking.
Agree, let them strike. Honestly, might be a good thing--could finally piss enough people off to force a change.
My parents put in a central vac when they built their current house about 20 years ago. The thing has never had any major issues and works like a champ. Also like Pio, it sucks very hard (TWSS?) and cleans better than any upright I've ever used--though granted, I've never used a very high end upright. The plugs completely blend in. The only annoying thing about it is that the hose is very long and heavy, but I imagine they chose that size for a reason.
They are certainly a very strong contender.
Agreed. It might look better with some alterations, but all the same, it's not a particularly inspiring cut.
I don't know if I agree that the quality shoots up, but it does slow down. A lot less people are wearing jacket and tie in the summer.
I'm an equal-opportunity drunk food eater. As long as it's fried and greasy, I'm good. Cheap Chinese and Mexican food are pretty high on that list though.
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