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Chelsea Market makes me want to do murder.
Lovely glass.
Dallas is a shithole anyways, so no worse than normal.
IME, spread collar without a tie tends to, well, spread, un-pleasingly without a tie.Not all do this--one of my favorite shirts to wear w/o a tie is a spread collar. It does take one cut in a particular way to work well though, IMO.
Just successfully hit the major milestone on a huge work project I've been working on for the last 5 months, one that has been kicking my ass (oh hai guys, been a while). Now, it's tini time.
+1. If it's MBB, the case will make or break it, and the people against which you are competing will have spent quite a bit of time preparing for it.If it's not MBB, it will depend on the firm, and on with which division within the firm you are interviewing. The classic strategy divisions of the big four will also heavily rely upon the case, but other divisions less so. Even there though, you'd do well to spend a bit of time prepping for a case study.
Kinda wishing I'd ordered that bag now.
Those bags look great. What are the measurements on them? Would it be possible to add a D-ring or something so that a strap could be clipped on?
Oh hai guys.Ed's right, that video is a masterpiece.
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