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I think it's because New York is probably one of the few cities in the US where a blind person could have some semblance of independence and still get around. Most places require a car to get around, which means you will either be homebound or rely on someone driving you.
Is this actually an Uber service, or an Uber-like service though another company? Have heard of a company ValetAnywhere that does this, but hadn't heard that Uber was doing anything like this. Seems like a brilliant idea honestly, as long as you can sort the insurance/liability issue. I'd consider it for sure.
I don't know, I've not noticed it being a materially longer process. I use disposables a few times a week too when I go to the gym before work, so I feel like I get a good comparison. It definitely takes a *bit* longer, but not 15 minutes.I dont see a *huge* difference in results, but I do prefer the safety razor. I have very thick facial hair, and feel like I get more tugging and pulling with most disposables. Also, they get clogged up all the time which annoys me.
My problem with that review--they discounted safety razors because they say it takes 15 minutes to shave with one. Not sure where they got that from--I shave with one every morning and it doesn't take me materially longer than with a normal disposable.Took a bit of practice, sure, but I do find that I get a better shave from it.
The contract thing is the biggest red flag to me.Project management can be good, can be shitty. Just depends. Doesn't as a rule require tons of technical knowledge, especially with the type of stuff it sounds like you'd be doing. Is more communication and herding cats. The fact that they are looking to hire a contractor for it though doesn't come off well to me. Could imply that they don't take the role seriously enough--most (or at least many) F500 companies have a...
That fabric is spectacular. Alas, my budget is shot for the next 6 months
OHMSS is underrated all the way around. One of the best for sure.
That does sound worse. The thing is the expectation, though. Had I not been thinking I'd been getting that steak all week, it wouldn't have been so bad.
Work blew up in my face this afternoon, keeping me in the office late on Friday afternoon, causing me to miss the closing time of the butcher. I'd been looking forward to that steak all week, now it's shitty takeout for me.
Yesterday was worse for me. The humidity made it stifling, could feel the sweat running down my legs. In other news, the F train is batting 0/3 so far this week in rush hour commutes that weren't screwed up.
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