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Little bit of spam in GC. Flagged some of it, but too much to flag it all.
Yeah, shared backyard isn't ideal. Still, I'd love to have a grill.
I hate you.
It is really gross out today.
That really sucks, sorry to hear it.Any chance some of this is just them hazing you? I mean, it's basically a service academy, so one would presume that a big part of it is breaking down the new students.If they straight up misled you about the timing requirements, that's obviously a totally different story.
All Donnhoff, all the time. The 11 is noticably more mature than the 12. The 12 is still very tight.
This is excellent news. Just email you to get more details?
Entertaining read.
Awesome. Enjoy, hope the weather is nice.
You're killing me with these shoes. Any chance to get any of them (or even special order) in wide sizes? Wide feet are the worst.
New Posts  All Forums: