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^^ This is true for several years of your career. Then at some point, you start to see that no matter how you package it up, its always the same shit, and get tired of it. /BurnedOutConsultant On a serious note, at the junior levels, it is indeed pretty rote, but honestly, every industry is going to be like that.
I usually get that kind of stuff from wine mailing lists and such--View from the Cellar, Mosel Fine Wines, etc. It's not a centralized source, but they generally have vintage reports for the regions they cover.
Oh, well that's just perfect weather for running around in. They'll probably have to wear blankets on the sidelines at that temperature.
Those things are impressively quiet.
John Oliver had a great piece on that. Very true, funny, and sad.I mean, really--how does anyone think that a place that is >120 degrees is a good place to host an athletic competition?
More uncomfortable, I like that.For the record, I wear shorts when it gets really hot out. Especially if I'm on vacation (beach, mountains, whatever) or doing something active. Drinking beers outside when it's 80? Pants are fine.No love lost. I jumped in mostly just because I get the same argument from friends and relatives all the time. "It must be nice and cool up there in New York!", as they drive everywhere and never leave centrally-air-conditioned spaces.
This is also a good point that I left off. God, the sweltering feeling on a midtown street with concrete and glass reflecting the heat right back at you is just... Feels like someone is standing on your chest.The worst though is the subway platform when the trains are, per usual, fucked up, and you are crammed in there like sardines. The feeling of the sweat dripping down your legs.... Ugh.
For the record, I quite like tequila, especially in the summer. I just like whiskey and gin better.
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