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Interesting... Good to know. I can definitely see the "pie server" effect even on my G fitting F-lasts... Interested to see how the H will look.
Great, thanks so much!Next question. Bought my last pair almost two years ago. Is best way to order a pair in the US still to proxy? If so, is there a preferred proxy?
Thanks. So, thinking I should try sticking with the 41 F last, and move to an H fitting? Or is the F last just unaccomodating for us fat-footed folks?
Well, while we are talking about sizing, I have a question for the hive mind here. I have a pair of F-last Vass in size 41 single wide. Beautiful shoes, but still a bit tight across the ball and toes of the foot. I'd like to order another pair, but before I do so, wanted to understand how, or if even possible, to adjust the width to get a better fit: Move up to double wide (assuming Vass even makes a double wide F-last) Size up to 41.5 or 42 (not ideal--length...
Looking for a thicker blue stripe. Good mid-to-light blue, thicker than your standard bengal stripe. Something like the below pic. Any thoughts? Been digging, but haven't seen much.
The new Golf is really well done. The infotainment system is garbage, but other than that, they've put together a very nice package.
Came to say the same--surprised to see folks are seeing such dramatic differences.
I've had a few polos for 2+ years. No problems with them. I have a dark green one that I've had the longest that has faded a small amount, but no more than you'd expect for any dark colored cotton shirt that you've worn and washed a lot. Very happy with it.
We have Amazon video through Prime. The video streaming part comes as part of the package, though we've only used it once or twice. Will give this a shot though for sure.
Nah, the heat and the traffic will be the worst things about living in Atlanta I expect. This is just the worst thing about moving to Atlanta.
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