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That fabric is spectacular. Alas, my budget is shot for the next 6 months
OHMSS is underrated all the way around. One of the best for sure.
That does sound worse. The thing is the expectation, though. Had I not been thinking I'd been getting that steak all week, it wouldn't have been so bad.
Work blew up in my face this afternoon, keeping me in the office late on Friday afternoon, causing me to miss the closing time of the butcher. I'd been looking forward to that steak all week, now it's shitty takeout for me.
Yesterday was worse for me. The humidity made it stifling, could feel the sweat running down my legs. In other news, the F train is batting 0/3 so far this week in rush hour commutes that weren't screwed up.
The fresco books are very suit-centric. The blue frescos make good blazers, but that's about it.
Huge Marine helicopter makes emergency landing on California beach. In front of Kenny Loggins, who happens to be on said beach. Who then films it, and makes puns about the Danger Zone. http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/heres-video-of-that-massive-helicopter-that-landed-on-a-1698204376 Basically the greatest thing ever.
Sorry to hear that, that really sucks.
Surprise, it's supposed to rain tomorrow.
Beat me to it.Manton, when are you getting back? Want to know how long we have to enjoy this before winter returns.
New Posts  All Forums: