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This is excellent news. Just email you to get more details?
Entertaining read.
Awesome. Enjoy, hope the weather is nice.
You're killing me with these shoes. Any chance to get any of them (or even special order) in wide sizes? Wide feet are the worst.
Anyone tried the Glorious Gin from Breukelen Distellery (can't believe I just typed that...)? Local store was out of my normal choices (guess for the holiday?) so picked up a bottle. It's... Interesting. Very floral, very citrusy. Undecided as to how I feel.
There were several folks in the Andrew Lock vendor thread that had suits from him--might be worth PMing one of them. I actually found out today that he now has the full Minnis books available, which is a big plus. Probably going to order another suit from him soon.
Very nice--that's a lot quicker than I thought.Didn't realize that about the double boiler, but makes total sense.It'd be tempting to plug the thing into a timer switch so that it turns on every morning a few minutes before you wake up.Aeropress does make a damn fine cup of coffee, too.
A *bit* pretentious? The first one seriously has a chair that looks like it was placed specifically to facilitate sitting and pondering the lines of your vintage Maserati.
How long does it take the Rancilio to heat up and be ready to brew? How long does it take you to brew a shot? And what's the cleanup time like? I've always wanted one, but figured that the setup time each morning would be enough to prevent me from doing it when I'm still in a fog or rushed. Seems to me like you really have to drink a lot of espresso to make a good home machine worth it. Not to say I don't still want one...
Phew, crisis averted.
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