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I've had a few polos for 2+ years. No problems with them. I have a dark green one that I've had the longest that has faded a small amount, but no more than you'd expect for any dark colored cotton shirt that you've worn and washed a lot. Very happy with it.
We have Amazon video through Prime. The video streaming part comes as part of the package, though we've only used it once or twice. Will give this a shot though for sure.
Nah, the heat and the traffic will be the worst things about living in Atlanta I expect. This is just the worst thing about moving to Atlanta.
Nope, not in GA. You have to pay the tax when you register the car, and it's based on the market value of the car--believe it's about 7%.GA is very welcoming to new residents I'm finding.
Definitely. Will take you up on that.
OK, so that does help then. So maybe more like 21 days before I can get a license, which means maybe I can roll the dice with a dealer car. Very good to know--thanks.
The sales tax thing is enraging. We have one car, which my wife will use for her daily commute, that we bought about 4 months ago. Paid sales tax to NY at the time, and going to have to pay them again to GA when we move. $5.5k in taxes combined on a $30k car within six months. Unreal.It also makes leasing very unattractive. Pay the full sales tax up front, not just the tax on what you "use"--one of only 5 states I believe to require you to do that. Also pay full sales tax...
New York sucks so bad I am quitting it. Moving to Atlanta at the end of August--wife and I decided we wanted to be closer to family and the wife just took a job there. In all seriousness, I'm not sure yet if I'm going to miss New York or if I'm beyond excited to get out of this festering, fetid hellhole. Regardless, I still reserve my right to bitch about New York every now and then. Nice weather today, right?
Georgia's auto laws (and taxes) are seriously starting to aggravate me. Moving to Atlanta in about a month. Which means we will need to buy a car more or less immediately. Here's the problem--when you buy the car, you have seven days to register the car in GA. To register the car, you need a GA driver's license. To get a GA driver's license, you need two forms of address verification. So basically, the timeline seems to go something like this: T+0: Move. T+21 days:...
Fucking wrong.
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