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Retailed for $695. Tagged size 3. The item is NWT. This was an impulse buy this winter. Never worn and I would like to get it out of my closet before I'm tempted to take it for a spin. It has been stored in a closet within a smoke free home. - Military grade nylon body - Fur collar - Zip closure (riri), with leather trim - Flap patch pockets, with side entry - Two inner zip pockets - Throat latch (secures to inside of jacket when not in use) - Rib trim at cuffs - Action...
I received this: Hello dear, Thank you for your mail. Unfortunately we are now authorized to sell Acne Studios online and since the promo codes are only available online we can not sell these products online. All the best. Remy - Le Rayon.
Does anyone have recommendations for linen/cotton blend (or something similarly light/soft) scarves? Thanks in advance.
Hmm, they must not have sent it to every account. I usually receive their promos. If anyone has an extra please let me know.
I know this isn't right on topic, but is there any sort of guide to tying/folding/wearing scarves? I was traveling through Italy recently and some damn cool scarf wrapping that I haven't the slightest idea how to replicate (and I'm familiar with most of the standard methods).
That's a tough questions. I suppose it doesn't matter how well they are made if they don't fit, so fit it is. (Though a happy medium is good.)
Fair enough, any suggestions as to alternatives?
I generally agree with your statement. It seemed to me that their line used to me much more focused (for example: a few pieces of outwear per season as opposed to thirty). That said, I've had a pair of their black jeans for about eight years that I absolutely love, and it's high time to replace them.
I'm looking for a pair of Acne jeans. I know they just did a 15% off on their site, but are they ever found at a deeper discount? Thanks in advance for the help.
How much will it cost to dye it a color that doesn't resemble mouthwash?
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