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I'm not sure if thee is an active thread for this sort of query, as I could not locate it. If there is, and I missed it, troll away. Does anyone know where I might be able to find this Hill-Side All Weather Overcoat in small?
Are the CP x Geller still available? I can't seem to find them.
Might anyone know if Steven Alan has an online sale or online sample sale coming up?
Another TBS pre-sale code: PRE-SALE-DCR5D
I'm probably just dense, but I don't see a place to refer-a-friend.
Is there a plan to create a dedicated memorial day sale thread?
I was not able to get this to work either, anyone have luck?
I've browsed through the forums and I haven't seen a straight forward comparison (at least not a recent one). Is familiar with both and willing to compare the two? Thanks in advance.
Has anyone had issues with a canceled order at Carson Street Clothiers? And then not being able to get in touch with them via telephone (online customer care number appears to be discontinued, and regular store number going directly to voice mail).
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