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Note: I am cross posting this on Grailed. Retail Price: 436 USD Condition: BNWT Fit: Loose Fit Material: 100% Cotton Made in USA Located in the Continental US. Flat shipping CONUS: $10 I can ship internationally but additional shipping fees will be applied. Please only PM me when you're serious about purchasing the item.
Gap stuff tends to look and fit like shit, I'm not saying Uniqlo has never produced garbage--it has. But the moment you walk into a Gap you know you've made a mistake.
No, the price which is set is more than fair.
The texture on those shorts look amazing.
The new suits are out but they're using even more synthetic materials now. I can't imagine a jacket made out of 40% wool being better than the 70% it is now.
The videos are over the top, but the shoes look nice enough.
Can we get a fit pic? Hopefully you're talking about the slim fit denim shirt, not the new one they just released.
As you already know, all these items have never been worn. They have been in a closet with their tags still attached. In any case, I only accept Paypal for payments. As far as shipping goes, I ship CONUS $10 flat -- additional items ship free. I can ship internationally but shipping costs will need to be recalculated. Also, if you need more detailed shots of the clothing just PM me. Of course, please only PM me if you're serious about purchasing the item. I'm offering $25...
But the supposed "legging jeans" look so baggy on Julien.
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